Friday, July 15, 2016


Soobingbing @ Westgate
3 Gateway Drive #03-01
Nearest MRT: Jurong East MRT
Opening Hours: 5PM – 10PM (Sun-Thurs), 1pm – 10.30pm (Fri-Sat)

After monthsss of waiting, there's finally an accessible Raindrop Cake available for all of us in SG!
In a previous blogpost I did mention that a fine dining Japanese restaurant included the raindrop cake as part of their set at $180 per pax... which clearly isn't too affordable for most of us, heh.

At Soobingbing, you can find their:
Original Raindrop Cake at $4.00 each
Matcha Raindrop Cake at $4.80 each

My personal preference would definitely be the original flavour!

Zero calories, it's beautiful to look at, slides down your mouth ever so smoothly, and it tastes refreshing with a tinge of sweetness!

Each mouth is a nostalgic flavour of when I DIY-ed it over and over, trying to create the perfect texture for GoodFeelim, as well as to sell at Boufe Boutique Cafe's flea booth for one of the weekends!
And just coincidentally I was craving for the same refreshing texture lately, and heard that Soobingbing was selling them! :D

Soobingbing also sells a ton of other bingsu and Korean fusion desserts, but my eyes, tastebuds and heart were set on the Raindrop Cakes!

For the DIY fanatics, this Raindrop Cake tutorial's difficulty level is like... 2/100, so you definitely have to try it out at least once!

You know what it means when you see clean, empty bowls on the tables when you leave.
Having odeng reminds me so much of when I was in Korea! Love it!

You can definitely ONLY order the desserts from Soobingbing without ordering the savory food from Sync Korean Fusion Bistro as well, but you know... the menu was in front of me, I couldn't resist!

I'd highly recommend Soobingbing's Raindrop Cake ($4 only!!!), especially for those living in the West!
If the West side wasn't an hour journey from my house, I think I'll eat the Raindrop Cake every other day at Soobingbing and not DIY myself anymore LOL!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Blue skies

Hellooooo! :D
So sorry for the lack of updates & thank you got sticking around! :)
I'm having major cramps today, but I gotta tell myself it'll just be for one day and tomorrow I'll get to run around again lol!

Just updated a new vlog today! :D
Mini Selfie Ring Light from:

And GoodFeelim was updated with 2 more new videos for FoodMyLife!
Do also check out GoodFeelim's channel for super funny episodes of The Checklist & Colourfool!!

My boss used to tell me even with the recipe, skills can't be replicated,
and so even with the same recipe, I believe my Strawberry Shortcake isn't as yummy as the one the head chef/ CPD makes at Boufe.
So if you're craving for shortcake and are feeling a little lazy to bake one from scratch, you can just hop over to Boufe and enjoy it at just $8!
Soooooo much effort put into a cake, $8 is definitely worth the $$! ^~^

In the mean time, I hope you'll enjoy the video cause I thoroughly enjoyed myself recording this! :D

Also, a really awesome recommendation on FoodMyLife recently would be Ci Yuan Hawker Center!
$2.80 food, open 24 hours, soooo many stores to choose from??? :O

Some photos we took at The Punggol Settlement the other day~
When you want to head out, but don't want to spend $..... WATCH THE SKY, IT'S FREE LOLOL!

Thank you for reading, love you all!