Sunday, October 3, 2010

The falcon cannot hear the falconer

To you, you might think you mean really little to me and everyone around you
when in actuality you mean too fucking much.

I never fully understood when people told me "please cherish yourself", until today
Life is too fucking fragile

Please, please
Don't ever leave me don't ever leave your family your friends your everyone
Don't ever make such decisions thinking it's the best solution, it's not!!!!

Whenever you're upset, think about whether it's worth it to not just press game over, but to destroy the entire cartridge and erase your game forever. Even when you play pokemon yellow version and are fighting a losing battle, when all your pokemons are exhausted you get sent back to pokecentre and can emerge a strong pokemaster again!
So please don't ever rip your cartridge apart just because of one, or a few losing battles. There's so much more than that. The whole point is for you to become fucking strong and win elite 4, that's how the game was wired to function, no other way.
Same with life.

So I'll say again, I cherish every single one of you
Please if you're upset or anything, talk to someone about it
everyone would rather you be a whiny immature bitch for awhile rather than disappear forever

I love you

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