Saturday, October 2, 2010

I wish my existence could bring joy to you

"An idea is like a virus. Resiliant. Highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you." - Inception

"Depression, low self esteem, fear & insecurities are just some of the things that keep women from discovering just how amazing they truly are." - Jayesslee

“Envy is an insult to oneself.” - Yevgeny Yevtushenko quotes (Russian Poet, b.1933)

Stay strong sweethearts,
whether you have a boyfriend or no boyfriend,
whether you're
skinny or (SELF-PROCLAIMED) not skinny,
pretty or (SELF-PROCLAIMED) not pretty,
essentially you are best at being who you are and no one will be able to replace you.
(i wish i had stick thin legs but my thighs are super disproportionate to my calves also lah, but i rmb my exbf said they're nice to lie on hahaha so yeah fuck it)

I used to have a fucking terrible issue with self-esteem, I wished I could just destroy myself kill myself or change myself entirely.
Even till now I still struggle with it occassionally.
But I realised, when you post upsetting statuses on fb, post depressing tweets, say stuff like "i'm ugly i wish i could die" "my existence isn't worth it" blahblah, you're not only hurting yourself
you're hurting others who care for you, and you're hurting others by spreading that idea to them.

That very idea about not being good enough might not have super drastic effects on you, but it might just spread too uncontrollably and take the very life of someone else who matters to you.

We can stare at all the models and all the gorgeous people and wish we looked half as good as them, had their lives etc
but please make sure you don't let that wish destroy you as a person.
sometimes some lives just aren't meant to be ours, so we'd better live ours to the best we can.

I'm not asking you to avoid make up blahblah. I love make up!
I think it really makes people feel better about themselves.
Wear pretty clothes, dress yourself up, do your nails, do your hair, make your teeth shine, do whatever you can to make yourself feel good about yourself.
No one can make you unhappy or feel bad about yourself unless you allow them to.
And seriously, no one can replace you at being you.

Please remember, you're seriously amazing just the way you are i'm not just saying it.
Provided you bath regularly and brush your teeth dont eat your own booger etc lah :s

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