Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obsession of the Obsessed

Too often do we forget to love ourselves
I'm always damn guilty of that.

But when i browsed through my webcam folder today, i found many pictures of myself which (if i do say so myself) i could be my own eyecandy.
Sounds damn self-obsessed but sometimes that's healthy.
With everyone so pessimistic these days, you can afford love yourself so much more!

(wah okay i miss my chio long hair now)

Speaking of Obsession, there's one that is a lot healthier you all can indulge in!
Chic-Obsession is one of the most awesome sales journals i've personally purchased from cause they never fail to import the most kickass in trend accessories.
Rings and other accessories are damn crucial to outfits (especially if you're trying to make a fashion statement)

credits to fashiontoast

And now they've brought in the Pamela Love inspired Double Cage Knuckle Ring (as seen above) at a fraction of its original price!
The real thing sells at $360! While some people would pay that amount for some labelled shoes or bags, sometimes $xxx for rings are just kinda...........
So now you can all get it from a preorder at Chic-Obsession at $30 only! ALL INSTOCKS, ORDER NOW AND RECEIVE WITHIN 3 WORKING DAYS!
I'm waiting for mine already :)

I've gotten several rings from Chic-Obsession and all are up to or beyond expectations!
No cheap crappy plastic fake metal material like those $5 from flea markets which break bloody easily (pisses me off!)
They also carry a whole lot of other designs for more girlish, quirky, classy, high end fashion, dress down, casual, fun and whatever other days!

Here are some of my favourites!!!
If you got enough spare cash (holidays are just starting so I'm sure you do) you should GET ALL!!!
hahaha cause all damn nice! a girl can never have enough rings even if she only has 10 fingers!

(All pictures below belong to Chic-Obsession)

Bunny ear fingers so cuteeeee

holyshit it's a vespaaaaa

lol i'm like quite a sucker for fake diamonds and all them sparkly things


All their stuff damn nice right???
I will never praise anything I don't believe in.
And I love to shop at Chic-Obsession!!!!

So love yourself a little more today, get Obsessed!

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