Monday, December 27, 2010

For Stell♥

The best way to start a new year is by spam buying clothes hahah!
And seriously, almost everything you can find in FEP or Cine you can find online!
Plus all the TOPSHOP, ZARA, F21 inspired clothes you can find on sales journals at HALF the price. OMG.

i can never get enough of online shopping

Here's The R♥yal Couture ( by Stella and her friend.

The banner is superrrrr pretty right! like damn angelic ^^
The dress worn is also my super favourite from their collection, TRC ♥ A008

And these are my other favourites from their collection!

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From left to right TRC ♥ A002 (Top), TRC ♥ A003 (Top), TRC ♥ A008

TRC ♥ A002 (Top): I can never run away from oversized furry knitted stuff! And in black, definitely a must have :)

TRC ♥ A003 (Top): I don't know why but I feel inclined towards these motifs top, i think they look damn cute like winterish hahah now all i need is a furry hat!

TRC ♥ A008: Needless to say, my super favourite! Recently my family has been going for things that require me to wear formal stuff (but i don't want to look damn old) so this dress is perfect! It looks sweet and yet formal enough so the adults can't nag at you when you go for wedding dinners or whatever :) heheh!

Stella and her friend have put in a lot of effort in this and they are not only efficient in mailing out packages but also really sincere in their work! :)
So do show your support and visit The R♥yal Couture ( now!!

New year's coming New year's coming New year's comingggggggg~

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