Thursday, December 2, 2010


Will update again soon with pictures and i'll make sure to exploit my camera
(i cracked its screen during a flea and don't know how long more it can last)

Also, my sales post on facebook is open to public before i get my sales journal up again

i haven't been feeling too well lately so i can't step out of the house though my exams are over
i miss everyone so damn much
my social life has officially withered up like a dried prune
hopefully i'll be fine by this weekend (: then i'll be back to flood this space if anyone's still reading!

on a side note, i cannot believe i actually let myself step into school for 2 days without make up
make up makes me feel super secure but due to circumstances i couldnt.... :(

i like to open up my formspring whenever i'm effing bored cause i know nobody likes to leave comments since i set the mode to registered users only hahaha
i did that because i got sick and tired of people who don't mean shit to me casting their own ideas and judgements on me and i know that in actuality i didn't need to hear or care about what they have to say at all

but i'm bored so i guess i'm okay to mean criticisms, for now

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