Thursday, December 23, 2010

While my world is half asleep

Saloon Details:

Reform Hair Studio
Blk 128
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

I dyed my hair a similar shade of brown and did treatment the other day at Auntie Agnes' salon best shit everrrrrrrrrrr, i love my hair now!

this was BEFORE, with my ugly roots all ):
see how dry and frizzy T.T

her shop's really cosy and nice! not like those super commercialised overpricing extortion kind that end up screwing up your hair anyway and you still have to pay for it hahaha

baby was playing with the hair dryer ahaha

i can kill a fly by just closing my eyes cause they're so small :(

baby took this,
fine. you can laugh at my head............ :(

and OMGOMG :)
chio smooth silky hair! TREATMENT AND DYE, ALL UNDER $100!!!
i might be going back soon to cut, she said it's $10 for short hair, $14 for long hair :D NAISE.
she cuts baby's hair and i've always thought his hair looks amazing ^^


Saloon Details:

Reform Hair Studio
Blk 128
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

you guys can go if you want! she's damn niceeeeee love her

i've always believed that hairstyle makes a whole lot of difference.
if your face is daaaaaamn cui, most of us cant change it without going for surgery. but if your hair is cui, you can straighten curl dye cut everything.
everyone's hair grows the same!

and if you have nice hair you'd definitely have a nice side or back profile
if you want to impress someone, just have a nice hairstyle and half the battle's won (:
else why do you think i take 1hour fixing my hair everyday HAHAH

whoop! happy hair :)

so then we went to have ma la huo guo buffet and i ate super alot but baby didn't really like the spicy soup heheh i love chilli like an addict T.T

so everytime i'm ill and can't eat chilli i feel like dying

this is the only picture i took at bugis which has totally no relevance to the hotpot but nevermind i was too hungry

they have damn strong colouring in the icing hahah naiseeeeeee :)

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