Monday, January 3, 2011

Death wouldn't be a pity ♥ ♥ ♥

What was your most special 2010 moment? :)

^^ ooh!

at powerhouse the first night i met my bf and the crowd was so effing squeezy with tons of desperate ns guys with their beanies wolfing around and one special and awesomely cute boy held me close to him so i wouldn't fall with all that pushing and my heart was beating superrrrr quickly ;) hehehe!

you fill up all the spaces i never knew existed within me
you make me smile like every bad encounter i suffered before was worthwhile because it brought me to you
you neutralise all my flaws and make me feel imperfectly perfect
you're the only one i've met who holds my heart with a pink satin cushion so as not to break it

i remember saying that my next boyfriend will be the one i marry
i'm far too old for childish games and my heart is too tired to keep trying and failing
so i hope it comes true love, i hope it comes true with you

"I've already planned with Zener how I'm going to propose to you. But I'm not gonna tell you"
sweetest words I've everrrrrrrr heard ^^

anyway i found these in my phone, LOL

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