Sunday, January 2, 2011

First person to piss me off in 2011

this is MY sales journal layout which i did on my own

this is my previous personal blog (note the wooden image thingy)

i saw this referral from shoptheunbridle today and clicked on it

this is what the shop looks like??!! looks fucking like mine pls. see the wooden background see the entire layout. zzz -.-

thanks for being the first person to piss me off in 2011
may your business fail and you lose your loved ones

fyi i'm a jinx and I'M ALWAYS DAMN RIGHT AT CURSES.

screw you.

(i actually fb searched the email from the page and she's on my friend's list. oh wow.)

she removed her blog url but there's always a chance of her changing the url and using the same layout. so do let me know if you guys see anyone using my layout in part or whole

cause i designed it all by myself and it pisses me off when some freeloader just edits the background and calls it hers

anyway, i won't consider myself an awful person and am usually really nice to people whom i love (like customers who became close friends) so if you want my lovelove don't steal my things!!
if you're my friend there's so much more i will do for you seriously.



★Kittystar Rachell

to j.almosthappy
show details 4:15 PM (1 hour ago)
Hi, are you using shoppxdkitty's layout?

J.Almost Happy

to me
show details 4:56 PM (59 minutes ago)
Hi . Nope . That wasn't me who uses ur layout . It's my friend who uses my email for testing . I refer you to her k ? :)

J.Almost Happy

to me
show details 4:59 PM (56 minutes ago)
Oh btw , I've asked her to remove it already . :)

Kittystar Rachell

to J.Almost
show details 5:07 PM (49 minutes ago)
Please let her know not to use ANY part/whole of my layout because I will be able to find her. Remove everything and remake your own because mine was MY OWN design.



to me
show details 5:14 PM (41 minutes ago)
Sure , i will let her know :)
She said sorry to you too , for using your skin w/o your permission . She said she wanna use the basecodes those kinda things . I am not quite sure what she meant by basecodes but yeah , she said sorry .

Erm , may i know what your online shop is ? May i look at it ? I mean , i am finding for clothes for CNY . If , you are fine with me for taking a look at it , because yknow, you might be angry with my friend?

★Kittystar Rachell

to C
show details 5:19 PM (36 minutes ago)
She can find base codes at if she wants. I did my codes myself and it really got on my nerves cause I don't wish to tolerate anyone having such a similar layout to my own.

This is my page you can see how similar hers was to mine and understand why I got so ticked off.
Else otherwise, I wouldn't consider myself such a mean person. Just saying. (:


to me
show details 5:28 PM (27 minutes ago)
yup , i saw it .. and i understand why you got so pissed off . TOTALLY .
Haha , i don't think you are a mean person at all ! I mean , who likes people to just grab their things without telling them right ? It's just human's feelings for me . :) :)

I'll see what i like and get back to you soon if i wanna purchase anything alright?

★Kittystar Rachell

to C
show details 5:50 PM (5 minutes ago)
And you blocked me off facebook? :) haha naise


to me
show details 6:04 PM (6 minutes ago)
uh ? why has it become my fault now ?
Because i do not know you therefore i deleted you off fb and when i open my fb and saw ur comment . i was like , HUH WHAT ARE U TALKING ABT & SINCE WHEN ? , so i blocked u from there . Afterwards i saw ur Email and just nice my friend was there that's how i know . Why are you posting me in your blog for no reason ?

★Kittystar Rachell

to C
show details 6:10 PM (0 minutes ago)
1. You could've deleted the comment, I was mindful of my language and didn't use any profanities on your wall. Does not warrant any blocking if you were not at fault, we could've cleared the misunderstanding easily.
2. "clarajessica wrote:
Jun. 2nd, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
ribbon batwing top , still avail ? "
getawayavenue is clarajessica which is also you? how is that not your fault, Jessica Clara Hendry?
3. I didn't post about you on my blog for no reason, it's quite obvious why I did that.
4. Like I said on my blog, "I would've let it go the moment you said sorry and removed my blog layout. I even gave you the link for base codes that you needed." I don't need you to lie about anything.
Have a nice day, don't bother replying if you want to lie to me.
Seriously, I don't fucking need you to PRETEND YOU LIKE ME and ask me to CHILL when you blocked me off facebook (AND IT'S YOUR FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE, FREELOADER).
I would've let it go the moment you said sorry and removed my blog layout. I even gave you the link for base codes that you needed.
But now that you've stepped on my tail that's too bad for you.


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