Monday, January 17, 2011

Till death, and even beyond.

Superrrrrrrrr sweetest babylove in the world (:
We're gonna keep updating it!

I really want to cuddle up to you right now ^^

Anyway, I've received questions on my formspring asking if baby and I ever quarrel and why we always seem so happy.
Truth is, we are always happy!!! ^^ TEEHEE

Honestly, all my past relationships were disastrous. Everyday spent was like a roller coaster ride. Insecurities, distrust, bad tempers, rude words, and every other day we'd break up and then cry like a mofo and then patch back and the vicious cycle goes on.
Plus with the use of facebook..."Rachell is Single" "Rachell is in a relationship with xxxx" "Rachell is single" ....
I remember someone even commented "you think funfair ah" :S
which was obviously damn paiseh you know.
like how old already, the relationship still like playplay, as if i'm 13 or 14 or something.

Seriously if not for bby, I wouldn't know how stable and fulfilling Love is supposed to feel :)
And if not for bby, I'd still be one of those lame asses who lament all day about how Love is all about suffering and heartbreaks.

Granted, with Love there will inevitably be some pain.
But that pain does not equate to ceaseless and meaningless quarrels about anything and everything just so you can quote the self fulfilling prophecy of "love is pain".

If you love him, and he loves you, I don't see why there's such a big problem unless you
complicate it yourselves.
Something really important that bby taught me is that quarreling doesn't benefit anyone. Neither party gains anything out of it. And winning a quarrel doesn't get you anywhere, it just means that you've succeeded in hurting the other party more.
If his/her happiness is worth the compromise, why not put down your pride one more time just to put that smile back on the face of the one you love?

I know that a lot of times bby gives in to me and controls his temper though I very unreasonably pout like crazy and make funny noises when I'm hungry and grumpy, and I'm really appreciative of that :)
Likewise, on my part, I think I made a super big change for this relationship. In the past 4 months, I've never ever mentioned the words B**** U*!

In the past, everytime there's a squabble between me and my EXbfs (which is like everyday), I'd ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS mention the word "break up".
It'd go like this "Fine lah?! don't be with me then. so unhappy break up sua."
Or "Wtf you want from me? Everything I do also wrong. Go find someone else then?!!!"
And then it totally ruins all chances of salvaging the situation.
That 2 forbidden words B**** U*.
If you're in a considerably good relationship (your bf doesn't hit you, doesn't cheat on you, isn't unfaithful etc), don't even use it and don't even think about it if you know you'll end up regretting.
Cause thoughts translate into actions. And if you keep telling yourself "aiya i should just break up with him and find someone else", you eventually will.

I'm not some relationship guru but just sharing my experience so you all can be happy too.
I always tell people that their happiness should be their priority and they should never give up fighting for it.
And if anything ever compromises your happiness, let go.
Just because you didn't work out with some xxyyzz jerk guy doesn't mean you're damned for your entire life, it just means you haven't met the right one yet so keep trying.
Moving on quickly isn't about being cheap, it's about the strength you have to be a stronger person even after the one whom you loved, but didn't appreciate you, leaves.


Dharishni MKumar said...

I love this post. It made more than just sense... Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts on your blog babe. All the best for the contests and the relationship :) Hugs!

Anonymous said...

in continuation to my previous comment (awesome post) all the best for everything you do, and everlasting love with your boyfriend! :)