Monday, January 17, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Recently I've been getting questions on formspring about where to buy cheap clothes for CNY!
My family's the traditional kind so every year on the first day of CNY, we'll all be dressed in red or all the traditional wear.
For girls, it'll definitely be the Qi Pao!

But trust me, you won't want to end up so ang gong gong like me in 2009 LOL
(P.S. SORRY FOR EMBARRASSING PICTURE AGAIN.........blonde streaks and so fat and all, ugh)

But anyway!
You can still look damn chio and yet traditional enough to show face to all your elders on CNY, so you get the biggest fattest angbao, by wearing the right kind of modern qi pao! ^^
(means more money for shopping!!!)

Pink Bang Theory ( has specially brought in this design for the festive season!
This is definitely going to be my dress this year! (:
So quickly grab this chio qipao dress at ONLY $27 from else you'll end up sulking cause you have to wear ang gong gong ones like I did hahaha!

I really think it's the prettiest qipao dress I've ever worn!
Not too over the top, not too gaudy, with a tinge of elegance with the lace. The cutting is pretty good too :)
And unlike some qipaos that make your neck really itchy after long hours, the collar of this dress is made of breathable and skin-friendly material so it won't cause any discomfort at all :)

The inner lining is made of satin, which is pleasant to the touch, overlayed by a layer of lace!
Super smexy :) :)

Many of the famous labels online such as Ohsofickle has also sold out this exact same design, but if I didn't remember wrongly, hers was in Green.
Personally, I still prefer this peach pink one from PBT

If you're not into qi paos but still want to look festive enough in Red so you can win money from gambling, grab some luck now by getting this Vixen Dress!

This is the exact same dress sold at Dirtybling!
Made of luxurious material, it'll definitely be eyecatching at any occassion so you don't only have to wear it on CNY! :)

(Picture credit to Dirtybling.)

This smoking red dress at $30.90 has 9 ways of being worn!
It's like having 9 different dresses at once!
So if you do your math, that's like about $3 per dress! LOL DAMN ECONOMICAL RIGHT??

This denim highwaist is another design from PinkBangTheory that I really like!
I'm super drawn towards people who wear high waist stuff cause it makes their waist look really small!!!!
So if you want to hide your tummy or fats today, forget liposuction, get this pair of jeans at only $26!!!
I think even after you've had a damn full meal from all the CNY steamboats the hardy material of the denim will still hold your tummy in place and won't let it bulge out hehehe :)

This baby pink Dual Tone L/S top is also another one of my favourites.
This simple design needs no introduction.
Pieces like these are often seen on popular sites such as Zipia and all the Korean spree pages at probably $30 or so if you include shipping!
But Pink Bang Theory is selling this top at only $22.50 (with free postage if you mention PXDKITTY!)

So head on down to now and mention "PXDKITTY" during purchase to receive FREE NORMAL POSTAGE! :) :)
Quick get your qipao okay then we can all be chio bus for CNY!



Pinkbangtheory giving away free necklaces for a lucky buyer! Click on the image for more details! Or simply go to ! :)

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