Monday, January 10, 2011

So much l♥ve in a day

Check out mummy's awesome parking! LOL

Duuuuuuude, you need a bra :S

Mad friggin awesome gravy soaked bread!

Ice cream BALLZ :p

I took a picture of this because baby will go craaaaaasy if he sees this ^^

My sis caught this at the arcade...$6 hahaha!!!

My Agnes bby!!!
Cause the weather's been getting cold and her sawdust bedding sucks cause it's so hard for her to sleep in, we gave her tons of tissue instead :)


she totally doesn't even try to run out of the cage as long as she has food lol!


林思慧 said...

But won't the hamster nibble on the tissue eat it and die? :O

Anyway remember how you used to sell those big shirts with monsters and words? I love it but never got to buy it. Is it possible to bring it in and sell again? :)

kitty said...

Hi sweets! <3 I've thought about that before but my hamster is superrr picky about food and I don't think tissue tastes good! haha
Now she just likes hiding in it like layers of blanket and we give her a lot of her favourite treats so I guess it's okay :) :)

Hm, I'll update you if I do bring in those again! ^^ Else you can check our Babycakes or Dropdead clothing :)