Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look out, look out!

Tell me why do people do this to themselves........?

Okay girls!
Do not buy ANY cross connector rings YET!
I know there are a lot blogshops doing preorders now, but I know of a site with INSTOCKS at LESS THAN $12 (including normal postage)!!!!!
I'm going to post the link soon so keep a look out for it!

Cause I love you all I don't want you to waste money and keep waiting and waiting weeks and months for it to arrive
You know how some spree blogshop owners will delay delay then damn sian one!

I know when blogs post links of blogshops sometimes very sian to read
but please note that I only introduce PRETTY and REASONABLE PRICING and STUFF I WILL WEAR so we can all dress nicely and save money and not get cheated by overpriced shops okay!

Think of it this way, you go out shopping you'll buy things and spend money anyway cause girls always want new stuff (and probably those things are x4 the price of what I recommend), why not buy from the links I post up cause it's cheaper!!!
Plus I'm the guinea pig, if the dress is not nice is I tio not you cause I also have to pay what!
hahah k just saying

And anyway I'll be having another giveaway on Friday, a dress suitable for CNY so I'll make it a quick one over the weekends and winner will be announced on Monday then you can save money on new year clothes! (:
This one you totally don't have to blog or anything just need to leave a comment with your email address then I'll do lucky draw LOL

sibeh CNY spirit right! k huat ahhhh

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