Friday, January 14, 2011

This is MAGIC

I have absolutely no qualms about wearing wigs as long as it's of super good quality and looks real, cause I've been wearing fake hair (including extensions) for damn long already!
As you all know, my hair is like how super short now (previously damaged from all the bleaching and hot pink hair dye so i cut it all away)

Here're some of the things I've tried over the past few years and just thought I'd share:

1. Clip-on Extensions
Price range: $10 to $15 per piece

This is the same piece (3 clips per piece) I had like, 3 years back

3 years back I was all about clip-ons because one of my friend did hair extensions using those metal clips and IT GREW RUSTY in her head and it was fucking gross and I was damn turned off by it
And at that point in time i thought i was the smartest girl ever by using clip ons!

P.S. sorry for the embarrassing old blogshop picture....... :(
Anyway, I think I wore like 15 (x3 clips per piece) pieces of extensions for this photo and my hair back then was already quite long.

Unknown to me was that it looked really ahlianish cause the bottom part of my hair was soooo damn thin and I often tangled my hair and the extensions when I try to stack up layers of the clip ons to make my hair look thicker.

Buying clip on extensions at $15 for 1 piece (i think per clip width is only 2cm) also took me forever to get natural long hair which is why I stayed clear of clip ons when I knew about braiding extensions.

No metal clips, no rust, what could go wrong? I thought.

2. Braiding extensions
Price range: $100 (very unnatural) to $390 (very natural but burns a hole in your pocket)

Initially I thought this was the best shit ever
No need to put it on and take it out everyday, no hassle........

It made my head fucking itchy, made washing and blowing of hair a chore, and made my sleep super uncomfortable
and made me suspect I had headlice!
If you have hair extensions right now please make sure you dry it well, else if you get kutus don't say I didn't warn you :s
This change (from top pic to pic below) costed me $390!! Quite nice if I say so myself
But it was hard to curl, hard to tie, hard to dye, so I basically couldn't change my hairstyle much

Actually if it was just the hassle in washing and blowing dry my hair and slight discomfort when I sleep I wouldn't mind.
But the fucking headlice part was kanina scary.
I cannot tolerate suspecting that there are white creatures or whatever making my chio hair their home.
Which was why I removed my extensions and quickly rinsed my hair and dried it super thoroughly!

From then on I swore off extensions. I dare not even risk it anymore!
Thankfully my hair fucking clean now ^^

I think as you grow up you learn a lot of things by making mistakes, and ways to make yourself look better is one of them.
Vanity isn't a crime. If you can make yourself feel good, why not?

3. Wigs / Fake Buns

This is like my super favourite thing now!
I can proudly say I won't be able to live the same way without it.

My hair's barely at my shoulder length and it's hard to even tie it up without strands of hair falling off, and my pony tail looks like a STUB. Damn ugly :(

So I turn to wearing my wigs and fake buns out literally all the time, except when I'm at home because I finally found the perfect place to get them ( and I'm damn proud of myself!!!
They look super natural compared to many others that I've tried and I'm extremely pleased!

I'm wearing Long Straight No. 21 from
Notice how the shine looks very natural even with flash!
I love it I'm so going to wear it out tomorrow!!! :)

Another thing about this design is that I really love the fringe!
It's the kind of messy layered fringe I've wanted all along (but not the sparse kind which makes you look bald)!!! (:


Next will be the Short Wig No. 7!
Feels kind of like my own hair when I blow it nicely with the curved ends!
It'll definitely be damn novel to those who haven't had short hair in a while!

In the picture below, I wore the Long Curled wig No. 15 which I've been raving about on facebook and everywhere else!!!
Curled to perfection with all the bounciness and all the volume to it!

I seriously think this is the best wig I've ever bought!
Too natural I don't even need my real hair anymore lol!
Makes me feel like acting Japanese or Korean (but i fail) hahahahah oops.

The main reason why I believe many people stay clear of wigs is because A LOT of wigs look damn unnatural and girls don't know the right places to get them.
Even now, most wigs they sell outside look really really bad.
Like when they say it's made of synthetic fiber, they literally mean plastic. Almost like raffian string sort.

(No offence intended to people below, just proving a point)


When I first decided to buy the wig from MAGICMAGICHOUSE (, I told myself not to have too much expectations from them cause this happens a lot with wigs, they might just end up really crappyish even if it's sold for $79.
Plus, I saw a popular hair extensions/wigs blogshop (not naming, but it has a word "Queen" in it) highly raved by many online blogger selling SHORT BOB WIGS at $45.
So I thought that maybe MAGICMAGICHOUSE's full length wigs sold at $48 couldn't be of that good quality.

But I was wrong. Totally wrong.
The quality looked like it would be sold for $80+ and I got it for only $48!!
Can you imagine how ecstatic I was!!!!!!

This picture was taken WITH FLASH.
With other wigs, you can tell it's a with with flash.
So if you take pictures without flash, it'll look even more convincing that you were born with that perfect hair!

I even went to Google search for pictures of REAL wavy hair to compare if my wig looks the same as natural hair.
(I'm sibeh kiasu one, must make sure it's damn good then I will wear it out)

My verdict?

I have experience with a lot of wigs and fake hair and the likes.
And if I do say so myself, I know best whether the quality I'm getting is good or bad.

Look at this picture comparison of MAGICMAGICHOUSE's wig compared to the wig I wore in a previous advertorial.

Do you believe me now? :)
I wish I had a cabinet like this, except that all the wigs will be from MAGICMAGICHOUSE (!!!!


It says on the website that "This is not a shop that aim for sudden huge profits.The prices stated are truly reasonable, and is the lowest we can offer" which I believe!
Cause I've compared the prices of MAGICMAGICHOUSE with other blogshops and I really think it's damn worth it, else I won't recommend at all. Cause I have my own reputation to hold!! (THINGS I RECOMMEND MUST BE CHEAP AND GOOD!)
Also, these wigs are imported from Japan and Korea!!!!
Would you rather have a Made in Japan and Made in Korea wig (which is obviously of superior quality) or a MIC one which you get elsewhere that might be twice this price? :p

And another reason why I found the guts to wear wigs out is because all the frigging pretty Japanese girls (i think they're called gyarus?) wear wigs too
DISCLAIMER: I didn't say I'm a gyaru or say that I'm as pretty as them. I'm just saying that if girls in Japan have the balls to do it, why don't we? Plus, from the screen shot, it DOES show that wigs improve their overall appearances. So wigs will do the same to me and you too :)
Cause our normal hair can't be so perfect (and now i can't be arsed to blow my hair and wait for my hair to grow) so I'm going to rely heavily on wigs now!



I think having an ugly face is not something you can change, much, unless you're damn good at make up.
That's why i'm gonna put all my faith in these hair so that at least I can have a nice back or side profile when people can't see my face! LOL

The other cons of getting a super natural wig are:
1. No awkward hair length period where you don't know whether to cut it or slowly wait for it to grow
2. Can change style of hair every other day without damaging your own hair
3. No one can tell you're wearing a wig!

Wigs are damn popular among girls in Japan, Taiwan and Korea, I think we should be more open to it too!

Okay I'll teach you girls one important trick of buying wigs!
The most crucial thing to note is that a lot of wigs people sell outside are damn cheapo with their material. Let's not even talk about quality, but a lot of wigs have damn little strands of hair, especially at the BOTTOM of the wig. Such as:


It ends up looking like some terribly layered hair which you do not want to get! So if you want something realistic, choose a design which has a lot of volume at the bottom. Which is why I love my wig from MAGICMAGICHOUSE cause the volume alone is damn smexy!!!
Plus the super good quality, I can die smiling while looking at it!!!

Here are some of the designs I recommend (and the reasons for choosing them) from MAGICMAGICHOUSE ( or you can just visit the site for the full range!

7:MAOMAO演绎斜刘海修饰脸型短发假发 $35

Reason(s): Notice how the hair strands have both brown and black, which makes it look very natural because most dye jobs are never always perfect.


Reason(s): Cause the model like quite cute hahaha


Reason(s): Cause it looks like anime hair, or Zee's hair on Halloween (refer to pic below)!


Reason(s): The fringe's style is damn realistic, not like those ultra straight bangs which sometimes look quite fake.


Reason(s): Cause you can look super hot like the Korean girl Ga-in (refer to pic below)!


Reason(s): Choose this if you want natural waves I think this is the nicest among all the wavy hair designs cause the fringe and the colour is the nicest!

15:超人气非主流假发 可爱洋娃娃淑女卷发假发$48



Reason(s): Cause you'll look just like those Korean or Taiwan spree models even with minimal make up. This is for those who wants a more simple everyday look. (Like you can pretend you totally didn't do much about your appearance but you're actually damn vain hehehe)

47:VIVI涩古109辣妹之狂爱微卷假发长卷发 $48

Reason(s): Another one of the Korean/Taiwan spree models kind of hair style. But I think you'll look younger in this one compared to the above! So it's up to you to decide if you want to look more matured or younger (:

49: 超热卖日系大卷长刘海假发 $48

Reason(s): Cause this was my FIRST choice but they didn't have the shade I wanted :( But fucking chio!!!!!!

51:MAOMAO演绎潮暴长卷发假发 $48

Reason(s): Again, very Natural fringe!!

53:时尚潮女气质卷发 $48

Reason(s): Natural looking fringe along with a nice light brown close to blonde shade.

66:苛苛爆热%新生代个性蓬松长卷发假发 $48

Reason(s): Cause the girl looks sibeh cute with that hair, lol!

78:韩系长卷发偏分刘海人气长卷发 $48

Reason(s): Very natural looking!

90:非主流假发卷发型长卷发假发套时尚假发韩版假发 $48

Reason(s): Cause the girl look like hot stuff and the volume and curls of the wig look damn good!

5:超人气VIVI模特演绎齐刘海层次感直发假发 $45


21: 100%超人气长直发 时尚小公主最爱假发长直发 狂销$45

Reason(s): For people who are not satisfied with their own black straight hair, this one is definitely for you! Good quality with natural fringe! AND THIS IS THE ONE I WORE!!! DAMN DAMN NICE :)

Basically they have TONS of designs for you to choose from at MAGICMAGICHOUSE so take your time to pick.

Steps to get chio hair:
1. Choose the design(s) you want (item no. is written at the top left of the picture)
2. Text 94511124 or email to with "I want LONG CURVE NO. 15" and they will check the stocks and available colors, and reply to you ASAP.
3. Opt for meet up or postage
4. Wear your wigs and start camwhoring!!!

1. With purchase of 2 wigs, you get a FREE HAIR BUN* (like the one i wore)!
*While stocks last, so hurry!!

2. Get the wig care spray (to prevent wigs from tangling) at only $15 for a 280ml bottle now! Can use for super long!


3. MAGICMAGICHOUSE is providing FREE normal postage or FREE delivery to your nearest MRT station!

If well taken care of, wigs can last for YEARS! So much better than extensions. (Can you imagine how heartbroken I was removing that $390 worth of extensions from my head after a few months T.T)

Wigs are my latest obsession now
i love MAGICMAGICHOUSE i want to buy everything so I can change my hair everyday!!!
K, my goal is to buy a new wig design every month and I'll show off on my blog with pictures :)


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