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Love is like wildflowers; It's often found in the most unlikely places. - Unknown

No matter how convenient online shopping is, sometimes it's always safer for us as customers to try on the cuttings and material of the dresses and apparels we see online.
This is why I loveeeeeeee

I went to their showroom at Ubi Crescent today and was extremely impressed with the layout!
It's comparable to shops at FEP or even better!
There is so much privacy in the shopping experience (that was how I managed to video myself walking around flipping through clothes), I could've stayed there for 2 hours more just trying on the clothes!

At the showroom, you can also ask for the designs you liked on their website http://thewildflowershop.blogspot.com/
and on their showroom's display there are a lot more designs than shown online!!!
I was damn overwhelmed by the number of selections that have :) :)

It's advisable to go with a friend and also print out the map to CES Building so you won't get lost.
Trust me, you will go gaga over the gorgeous gold rimmed (more than) full length mirror, the awesome lighting, the super pretty designs, the even more amazing prices (you can already see most of the prices from their online shop) and the super friendly owners!

Click here to see the map to The Wildflower Shop:

The main cause of concern of buying shoes online is largely the comfort and the cutting.
So why not head on down to The Wildflower Shop's showroom and give these gorgeous babies a try! :)

They also have some accessories for men for sale.
You could totally get cufflinks for your boyfriend or dad and go like "I went shopping today but I also remembered to get something for you!"
(excuses for shopping)
They would be so toucheddddddd :p

I thought this was pretty cute so I took a picture of it!
The furry part is sooooo soft and smooth!!!
Oh and before I forget to mention, The Wildflower Shop self manufactures a lot of their pieces and the quality can literally blow your mind.
There're several pieces that seriously impressed me cause the price is damn reasonable and the quality is that of those you get from outside shops at twice or thrice the price!

This furry pullover is made of RABBIT FUR.
The rabbits weren't killed for this but omg the fur is extremely soft I just HAD TO take pictures of it!
I would've gotten this if not for the fact I already bought a few other knitted stuff!
So I think you who are reading this should get it!!!!

the texture of it is damn orgy hahah

And here're some of the designs I bought from The Wildflower Shop!
I love every single piece I got sooooo much
but being super nice as I am, I'm going to have a giveaway (more details below!) to one lucky reader (I paid for it myself, mind you)!

This is the first knitted pullover I picked out in the video!

And because today was such a cold day and my black cropped denim jacket wasn't thick enough, I immediately put this on and felt sooooo much better :)
If it was in the past I don't think I'd be able to wear this in Singapore, but I love how the rainy season totally changes everything :)

(see my xiao jap bf with the beanie )

I remember spazzing the moment I saw this on http://thewildflowershop.blogspot.com/2010/12/collection-24.html

and I wasn't disappointed at all by the actual piece!!!!
When baby saw me in the pullover he said it was damn cute too hahaha *SHYYYYYYY* :p

While FEP will probably overprice this at about $45 or so,
you can get the same piece as I'm wearing at $29 here:

This is another knitted top, which I'd consider more wearable for most people because it's of thinner material
(but personally I like the previous one more cause it's damn eyecatching hahah)

I love how it looks really soft in pictures, like damn angelic

Not to mention the actual softness of the material!

Can you believe this is only going at $20.50 at

I almost died from joy at all the prices, it's toooo damn good!

This bomber jacket was another piece I tried on at the showroom cause baby picked it out online for me! :)
I can't wait to wear it out now!!!
And I'm totally going to keep flashing the inner leopard prints when I'm out so people know I have a nice jacket hahaha!!!
So if you see someone opening and closing her jacket around town, most likely it should be me LOL

I don't know why but bomber jackets always remind me of Koreans.... I think it's cause of all the Korean sprees you see online
So you can step Korean girl with only $26.50!!! at

I can't believe this stunning fringe bag was one of my last picks.
As in I totally DIDN'T notice it until the very end, and then I immediately added it into my loots.
It's friggin gorgeous I don't know how I could've been so blind at the start hahaha
I think I was too excited!
Luckily I stayed on longer else I wouldn't have seen this :)

*Note that I added the chains myself though the fringe bag itself is damn pretty already

I can't seem to find this bag online at http://thewildflowershop.blogspot.com/ but if you love it as much as I do, you should go down to The Wildflower Shop Showroom and buy it there!
Cause they have a ton of new designs not updated on their site, guaranteed spoilt for choice :)
I don't think anyone will leave empty handed once they step into the showroom, that's how nice their stuffs are!

You can visit their showroom ANYTIME (as long as you contact the owners and arrange a suitable timing first)
But it gets better!
From 13th Jan to 1st Feb, The Wildflower Shop will also be having a Warehouse Clearance Sale.
They open daily from 1230 - 1900 including Saturdays and Sundays (close on Wednesdays)

Cash and nets payment are both accepted!

And for the part you all have been waiting for,
I remembered when I blogged this picture, tons of girls asked where I got my knitted pullover from.
I got it from a random shop at FEP but sadly I can't remember the name and it costed like $39?

That's why when I saw a highly similar piece at
I knew I had to share this with my readers!
The price? $20.50!!!!!!

But wait!
I'm making this a giveaway from me to one of my lucky readers FOR FREE!
(do note that I actually PAID for this knitted top myself, so I'm like how sweet to you right??? ^^)

All you have to do is:
1. Post the video The Wildflower Shop Showroom ♥ on your blog

2. Blog (a short entry) about how much you would like to go to The Wildflower Shop's Warehouse Clearance Sale

3. Include this at the bottom of your entry

4. Email stfuitskitty@gmail.com with
Subject: Giveaway

5. Wait for giveaway results to be announced on my blog on 25th January! :)

Goodluck sweethearts!

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