Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leave me your Stardust to remember you by

I've received countless questions on how to do the galaxy effect on my images. I've actually done it the hard way using photoshop brushes (damn tedious) and then later experimented and learnt a much simpler way to doing it.
So I'm teaching you guys the easy way so if you can't appreciate it just close this window.

For those nicer angels, here's the tutorial you've asked for! :)

What you'll need:
1. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (I don't care which CS you're using, we're not professionals anyway so it doesn't matter)
2. Ability to read the following instructions, which are actually quite idiot proof. I don't do things that hurt my brain ^^

Okay there's actually 2 methods to doing the galaxy/cosmic effects on your photos but I'm teaching you the EASY way. The tedious way is to create your own galaxy from scratch which will probably take you years to finish one picture.
So skip that, and just do this.

Step 1: You'll need to open the image you wish to edit on Adobe Photoshop

Step 2: Google for "Cosmic" / "Galaxy" / whatever effects you wish for to appear on your picture (eg. hipster triangles, heartshapes, unicorns, etc)

For me I usually search cosmic cause they have a large variation of starry effects

Step 3: Choose an image that you REALLY like and then paste over your image.
If you have no idea how to copy and paste you should just forget the idea of editting effects on your pictures, it's not your thing.

Step 4: Align the cosmic image to cover your entire image FULLY.

Step 5: On the right you'll see a box that has the drop-list. Choose any of the options and see if the effect is what you wish to achieve.
By default it's set to normal, but you can always change it anytime so feel free to experiment with it.

In this case I chose the option "Soft Light"

Step 6: Save your image and spam it on your tumblr, facebook, blog, twitter and all your other social networks cause that's your whole point of making these images, isn't it? :)
Again, if you have no idea how to save your image, please don't ask me on my Formspring... cause it proves that this really isn't your thing and you should just give it up.

okay I'm just kidding! you can ask me on my formspring if you found any difficulties doing this, but i think it's quite idiot-proof as it is!!

have a sparkly day/night

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Anonymous said...

can i know , where do you get ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ?