Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walking on Air

I don't have the habit of photoshopping my face or body in pictures (i only do lighting and colourful effects) so I usually take 10000000 pictures and choose like only 1 with the best angle to post up.
So does anyone want a video tutorial on how i take pictures with the RIGHT angles that are flattering? :)
let me know on formspring

again i'll say, i share these things because i want to.
if you don't appreciate it you can just close them (:


Totally no relevance to the advertorial...... but I THINK THE MODEL IS CUTE!!! hahaha
p.s. i don't mean it in the tiko pek way okay omgzz
she has the big innocent puppy eyes and nice voluminous hair that i like!!
not fair why some people born with such nice eyes T.T

Lovetified is a newly set up blogshop which believes that good style doesn't have to come with a heavy price! Just the kind of place i like to shop at! :)
Apart from the usual collections, they occasionally launch unique pieces under their Exclusive section for those who wish to set themselves apart from the usual crowd.

These 2 are definitely my favourites (and also their featured items) from their Exclusive section
I'm a huuuge fan of leopard prints but I won't accept just ANY leopard print designs.
there are some that are too tiny and inconspicuous or has really ugly hues, which basically makes you look like an old auntie or a slut.
and then there are some prints that look like the one Lovetified has to offer!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
It actually reminds me of the prints on my favourite bandage skirt which a lot of people like as well!
How much is this chio Oversized Leopard Crop Top?
$21!!!!!!! hahaha wtf so cheap. i tell you they sell 28 also i'll buy LOL!

The Ripped Denim Tank Dress ($23.50) on the right is a must have!
For lazy days when you don't know what to wear to school or are super terribly horribly late, just put this piece on plus a belt and you're good to go!
I'm always late for school which is why I always end up wearing one piece dresses cause DAMN EASY to prepare for school! Don't even need to button anything like shorts, so leychey!
Plus, you can look stylish even from the back with the ripped designs! Refer to for more pictures.
The best part is when you're sick of all your usual tank tops and spaghetti tops, you can wear this as a top by tucking it in your shorts! :) Makes your money damn worth it!!
And unlike my cotton dresses which always have those little ugly ball things after I wear it for quite some time then I have to THROW it away :(... , this denim material is definitely a lot more durable! And even after you wear it for one million times the condition is still perfect you can SELL it away as a PRELOVED item again! :D
(but please know the ethics of selling clothes online. never claim a preloved as brand new, it's damn fucked up hor!!!!)

So apart from their Exclusive pieces, their usual collections are of really high standards too! :)
Here are some of the designs that I like!

This looks like those Zipia striped hoodied pullover designs that will sell for $39 etcetc
but Lovetified sells it only at $25! yay!!! ^^

Haha okay some people may not agree with me but ALMOST all black and lace looks good!
I LIKE! ^^ and $23 only! If you went FEP and found this it might be like $34 or something along that line!


And sometimes you need something more formal for presentations in school or for events, but you don't want to look like some property agent (no offence), get this chained detail blazer at $25 from :)

Blazers online usually sell from $29 to $30+ so this is definitely one of the better prices I've seen for blazers!

I used to have a dress like this but I'm not sure where it went, maybe it hated me. :(
but anyway, it makes you look like those maid cafe kind of girl which everyone will like
(and yes sucks for me cause i'm not that kind)

What I really like about Lovetified, just as the name sounds, is that it caters to a younger group of girls. Instead of all those formal cocktail dresses, clubbing dresses, toga dresses and all, I think girls these days need to actually dress their age.
Why the fuck would you want to look 35 when you're only 15? hahaha this is just my 2 cents, you might not agree with me.
You can go ahead and look 35 all you want but when you really hit 35 there's no way you can get your youth back! I'm 21 (relatively old compared to all the other 14 to 18 years old girls) and speaking from experience so I have the right to preach about this, LOL!

Plus the model looks really young too so she's a good gauge of how you should actually dress. Not everyday is a dress up day (actually I think there are more dress down days than dress up days).

And with Lovetified (, even when you dress down, you can still look effortlessly stylish :)

And for people who complain that I post too many advertorials, you do know that girls can NEVER get enough clothes, and the clothes I recommend are undeniably cheaper than those you get outside or from other webs, so you save money and thus can buy more pieces, right? :)
Also, I try to post up as big a range of design of clothes as possible because different blogshops get different responses from each individual.
Some people love it some people hate it, but that's good because it ensures that everyone dresses in their own style and we all don't look like clones when we go to town cause that'll be damn awkward........ :s

Did I mention before that there was once I bought a top from ZARA and then excitedly I wore it out the next day, only to bump into a girl at Kovan MRT station (the station at my house) wearing the damnnnn exacttt sameeeee thinggggg?????

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