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Received my super pretty tribal printed top from DirtyBling ( a few days back!!! :) love it to death!
Even my brother says it's a nice change from my usual black clothes ^^
Looks damn colourful, just nice for spring!

Plus the material is damn comfortable! Like knitted material so it's definitely worth your money! :)

the best part, THE FEATHER THINGY AT THE FRONT!!! :)
i'm in love with this like crazy. at first when I saw their photos i was wondering if the feather was an accessory owned by the model cause i liked it, turns out it was PART OF THE TOP (dress if you're 1.6m and below)!!! damn happy max when i received it ^^

see the knitted design, damn nice! :)
plus they mailed it out real quick! i love blogshops that are efficient and friendly!

I would consider DirtyBling an established online shop that actually pays a lot of attention to personalised customer service! This means that they bother to reply your emails politely, treating everyone as unique customers without copying and pasting a standard invoice all the time like you're talking to a computerized mailing system! ^^

Plus, dirtybling has gorgeous models to show you the appropriate way to match the apparels so you will never have to fret about mismatching the pieces! :)
I would totally wear her entire outfit out! ^^
(P.S. their models are also damn pretty!!! one of the main reasons why i super love shopping with them!)

if you're not into bright colours, here's an alternative you can find at :)

Do check out both their NEW ARRIVALS and STILL AVAILABLE sections! They have a huge range for you to choose from. Just looking at the site I feel like I'm in a huge shopping mall already hahah they've got accessories, tops, shorts, leggings etc!

previously a lot of girls asked me about the foxtail keychain, which DIRTYBLING has it at only $24.50 (postage is free if you mention PXDKITTY) !!!!!
I saw FEP selling at $70, and alot of blogshops selling at $35 and above!
It's selling like hotcakes and I'm not sure if they still have it but do hurry to their website if you'd still like to get one! ^^

exactly the same as mine!!! :)

So as I was saying, apart from clothes, they have accessories such as rings etc!
They have an EXACT replica of the F21 ring! wtf!!!
Alot of cross connector rings online do not have the exact shape or material as the ORIGINAL F21 ring, but DirtyBling has the EXACT same one! :)
Till now, I still see a lot of fashion bloggers wearing this as part of their usual outfits, so it's never too late!! Get yours now if you haven't! ^^

For Chanel lovers, this velvet tank top is only at $17!! It's a steal!

Plus, DirtyBling also has their own manufactured label, Emergency Label, which carries exclusive designs you cannot find outside! GRAB YOURS NOW!
This is my favourite so far! :)
I think I've mentioned before that having bows or details at the chest area makes your boobs look bigger ^^ These kind of clothes are the best for girls!!!
Plus, this Bow Party is of a safe cutting, which means it won't reveal too much at the top! :)
So you can look sweet but still look like you got damn nice figure ^^

This is for the benefit of the sweethearts who asked about paperbag shorts on my formspring!
This design is specially imported by DirtyBling and you can find it at
The material looks damn professional, almost like tailored, not like those cheapo cotton that will start furring after a few washes!
Shorts like this are ideal for girls with big thighs like me. I like wearing shorts that flare at the bottom cause it creates an illusion of smaller thighs. It's all about relativity.
If you are skinny but you stand beside an anorexic girl, you somehow look fatter. If you're fat (actually if you think you are you most prolly aren't -.-) and stand beside a huuuuge girl, you look a lot skinnier!
So likewise, get a pair of good shorts that flare out at the bottom so your thighs look smaller :)
I know girls with bigger thighs are always wary of wearing shorts. But don't worry, this design confirm flattering! ^^
Actually I think shorts with appropriate cutting are more flattering than jeans? What do you think? :) For me, jeans end up showing the entire shape of my legs and my disproportionately bigger thighs so i avoid them if i can haha!

Look how much tinier the model's legs are! She's originally skinny but the shorts make her look even skinnier!!!

Every girl needs one of this!
The Chained Black Bag! :)
I love the matte and smooth texture of it cause it looks damn expensive and branded! ^^
For girls who want to look classy without spending thousands, this bag is only at $26!

Just to sidetrack, I really dislike bags with this plastic-y pvc material! Similar design to the above but comparatively, this material looks damn cheapskate. Not only does it look cheap, it sticks onto your hand and makes that annoying rubbery plastic sound!!! And when you keep them in your cupboard sometimes it sticks onto other stuff and the top layer peels off!!! Have you experienced that before with this kind of material? :/ Cause I got it a few times and I hate it like mad. Especially when the design of the bag is cute!

So if you don't want to have sticky bags, get the one from ^^

Here are some of the other favourites of mine from DirtyBling!
I love all their designs and everything's just so wearable! :)
To school then to town then to club? Not a problem!

Anyway, I know some blogshops want to appear more edgy or high-end fashionish. But not everybody looks good in geeky specs, mod haircuts, androgynous clothes or stuff like that.
For most people, you think we'll look good in these 2 outfits meh? (i anyhow google "high-end fashion" and these 2 images appeared so yah, no harm intended.)

That's why you should head down to
and check out their designs! :) Now now now!!!

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There is one thing I don't like about your blog's design, that to leave a comment one need to go all way back to the very beginning of the post to its title. That's so inconvenient, cause I scroll down as i read and look at the pics and then I want to say smth and wohow - I need to come back!
And now I just wanted to say that your photos sitting on the desk are super cool I like them!