Friday, March 4, 2011

How shameless

"If you were right and I was wrong, why are you the one who's gone and I'm still here?"


It's exactly because you were wrong that's why you're stuck there in regret, while I've moved on with an even better life without you in it.

I know you hate Blackcat and all... But least he looks more human than your current vampire-ish bf, no offence. Why did Blackcat even hit u in the first place?? That's so mean!

stfu louis. stop being all contradicting and stalking my formspring acting like some "anonymous girl" trying to indirectly insult my super awesome and extremely goodlooking boyfriend you can never ever replace.
get a fucking life.
i don't see what you gain out of this.

the truth speaks for itself. it's time you realise that NO ONE likes you and NO ONE is going to side you except yourself.
don't act like you have any "fans" or "supporters" on my formspring anymore, you've been doing it for a YEAR it's damn stupid.

fucking contradicting bitch move on and maybe we'll all hate you less.

p.s. on hindsight, actually i'm quite thankful you hit me, else i'd never have found martin :) he's fuckin' perfect to me and he's ten times the man you were! _|_

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