Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If breathing could be easier

got my hair done the other day at Auntie Agnes' saloon! ^^ cause all my ugly roots were showing!
my dye plus sibeh shiok treatment plus trimming was about $80????? heheheh cheap hor :p

Reform Hair Studio
Blk 128
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

i was there with weixiang while waiting for bby to end work, he dyed some really powerpack blondeish colour! hahaha i'll take a picture of his after hair and show you all next time so you girls can eyecandy him cause he's single ^^

SEE MY CUTE NAILS. even the reflection also so cute omg ^^

Reform Hair Studio
Blk 128
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3

this is my new hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, with way nicer fringe!
okay sorry i'm like too lazy to bring my kickass camera out so please bear with my vga quality phone pics lol!

aiyo my bby sibeh cutiepie!!!!!!!!! ^^

then baby brought me to ikea, we both were like in blazers and full black walking around looking super overdressed lol

anyway, you know what's the best part of this photo? scroll down...........

not yet................

tadah my new boots!!!! effing nice??????
and it doesn't hurt my feet ^^
and it was the last pair IN MY SIZE!!!!!!!!
wait for the best part................

k lah my effing phone do my boots no justice! i'm gonna wear it out again so i can hao lian xxyyzz more! $20 bux eh!!!!! ^^

this is a glass rack thingy i bought from ikea for my rings and accessories :)

and.......shit i got class at 8am tomorrow :S

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