Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Religion of the Insecure

Make up products I use:
1. Maybelline Angelfit Flawless Natural Liquid Foundation
Price: $10+ or $20?
Where to buy: Watsons

2. Maybelline Loose Powder (not shown in video)
Price: $10+
Where to buy: Watsons

3. Cosline Multiplay Dual Concealer (actually any liquid concealer should suffice)
This is the chapalang brand concealer i mentioned on my formspring, cause I couldn't find a Bodyshop to buy my usual concealer. I actually googled for it but there were no results.. I guess it's really like some chapalang brand, the packaging had chinese words
Price: $28 (wtf right yes I was damn desperate for a concealer cause i finished using my bodyshop one...)
Where to buy: Random small make up shop along neighbourhoods

4. DollyWink Liquid Eyeliner
Meant for those who want to draw really precise wings or just a really thin strip of eyeliner on your eyes
Price: $25 (quite ex compared to my other liquid eyeliner okay!!! like $4 or something but damn cheapo one lah)
Where to buy: Watsons

5. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
For my regular eyeliner spam! Can last for damn long super friggin worth it!
Price: $10+ or $20
Where to buy: Watsons

6. Bugis Eyelashes Code No. 1013
3 set for $5

7. Daiso Eyelashes
Longer than the Bugis one, gives you dreamy eyes. I bought it cause it was recommended by Hosanna I think!
$2 per set

8. DollyWink No. 2 Fake Eyelashes
Price: $24.90 for one set I think!
Where to buy: Watsons

P.S. my cui face from late night studying.... outbreak like free SIGHSIGHSIGH


Actually I'm doing this giveaway for girls who have never tried fake eyelashes before / always bought the wrong ugly kind of eyelashes and do not know the magic of good eyelashes! It makes you a lot more awake without looking trannyish!

So here are the steps to win either the Bugis Eyelashes Code No. 1013 OR Daiso Eyelashes:

1. Leave a short comment (it will redirect you to my formspring) with why you'd like to win the Bugis/Daiso Fake Eyelashes
If you do not choose one I will choose for you!
eg. I want to win the Bugis Fake Eyelashes cause it's chio!

2. Leave your email address behind

3. Wait for me to pick one winner on FRIDAY (i think i'll do it LIVE on and then post the results on my blog after that!)


Chickflickx is definitely a girly girl's kind of blogshop. No matter how much we act cool act serious act smart, we all have a little bit of bimbo in us, and that's not a bad thing! You're a girl, don't lose the way you were made to be! ^^

They just launched their new collection, Collection 5! :)

Click on the banner below to be redirected!! ^^
(p.s she managed to do this banner from my photoshop tutorial on galaxy effects yay!!!)

Here are some of the items I'd like to feature for this post cause I personally am drawn to them! And I think most girls would be too :) :)

Under the NEW COLLECTION section:

Item 1: Light denim hw shorts
Polka dots, as usual, extremely eye catching!
But unlike polkadot motif tops which may look quite aunty if you wore it the wrong way, shorts are less likely to get that effect! You can look cutesy with this when paired with a white crop/tank top with those apple print or kitty print! :) Good for casual dates or for school.
High waist shorts are my favourite cause they HIDE TUMMY FATS!!!!! Especially after meals lol, and you don't need to be afraid of zhao geng-ing!

Item 3:Sparrow top
Can I say I love birdbirds? LOL, not meant to sound wrong anyway. I always tell that to my girlfriends and i have like idk how many thousand bird related accessories in my room!
You know what's the best part about being a girl? After you wear sleeved tops and you're not happy with it / get bored of it after wearing it for a million times, you can always CUT THE SLEEVES AWAY and you get a sparrow motifs tank top!!! yay ^^ Sparrow motifs + Oversized tanktop + high contrast picture = perfect tumblr picture, i'm not even joking about it!!

Item 8: Nude romper
Best for lazy people!!!! You don't even have to think about what top or bottom to match it with, it's so friggin convenient! And Nude exudes this really feminine vibe, so guys will think you're really innocent and sweet and approach you............ until you open your mouth and start cursing "CCB!!!" :x

Item 7: scallop top nude/black
There are days where you can be casual, but not too casual. That's when this Scallop Top is really suitable! Unlike the conventional tank tops, this has scalloped neckline and hem, which makes it a lot more unique. Also, the material is kickass, the kind that you don't have to iron and it wont crumple up! ^^


Item: Grey tassel top
DAMN CUTE DAMN CUTE idk what else to say cause it's just damn cute!!! I wanna wear it nowwwww!!! :(
Like damn slack but like still quite stylo, you know??
or maybe cause the model chio heheh ^^

Item :Rainbow Maxi Dress
I like halters! I think halters are damn sex cause they show off your back without making you look slutty! I think you can wear this to the beach if you don't want to get into the waters (especially if you're having your period) but you still get to act damn demure and chio while other girls wear bikini!!!
And it's friggin eyecatching so guys will still look at you rather than all the other girls who expose here and there! HMPH #periodwoes

Item :Camper Oversize knitted pullover
Dear Knitted Pullover you cannot escape my eyes! ^^ Knitted things are like a forever must have! And this isn't too thick for our weather, and not too thin so you won't expose yourself unnecessarily! BUYBUYBUY left last one or two pieces already!!!

Item :Destroyed Knitted Top
Actually I think this is more along the lines of crochet than knitted, I'm not very sure though, just not the very thick knitted kind!
Again, i think this is damn pretty! If you're not having your period and at the beach, and you're the one going into the water but are quite shy (at first) to just remove your clothes and show off your sibeh chio looking bikini, match it with this top and a pair of loose denim shorts (those that barely hang off your hips). all the boys confirm turn and look at you then you and the rainbow maxi dress girl can fight it out later :X but i'm not responsible for any catfights okay!

OHYAH, one trick to making your thighs looking skinnier is to wear loose shorts. I actually once bought a size L shorts before LOL and it's still my effing favourite!

And with every purchase from any Collection or under the What's Available section, you get to buy this Vintage Inspired Camel belt at only $12 (save $4 from original price!)
Best for matching with, as expected, vintage dresses! Like those flowy ones you wear to picnics!

Chickflickx has also prepared something special for you girls! :)

2 Hot Pink Ribbon clips and 3 super cute Hello-Kitty-bow-lookalike freesize Rings
These will be for the first 5 customers! ( free normal postage is included as well)

Criteria to win the above 5 items:
1) Purchase at least one item from Collection 5 (their latest collection)
3) Indicate at the subject : pxdkitty
4) Indicate their email for verification

For all readers: Free normal postage with purchase of 2 items from any collection.
To be applicable:
2) Indicate email for verification

Happy shopping sweethearts!!! :)


to everyone who thinks i'm stupid, suck my mafucking 98marks balls!!! ^^
to everyone who thinks i'm stupid, suck my mafucking 98marks balls!!! ^^

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