Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Star Star Star

In case you girls are wondering, the wig I'm wearing in this post is from:
They have a lot of the Prisila wigs (some damn famous Japanese brand, popular among gyarus)
The one I'm wearing is STAR Wig No. 9 in Chocolate

baby and i went to Nex for dinner!!! :)
Japanese fooooooooooooood ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D :D :D
sibeh shiok!!! it's one of the restaurants at the japanese town in Nex :)
total was about $53 only! ^^ we ate quite a lot lor, the set has tempura, chawanmushi, the main dish, rice, miso soup, fruits, and salad!!

this is called forced-photo-taking!!
like i squeeze with baby (cause he wanna step camera shy) and purposely take a photo and act like i wasn't taking it hahaha
so you see i was kind of laughing in the photo ^^

the aftermath :D
SIBEH SHIOK we ate everything except the vegetables i hate vegetables lol

then we still weren't full so we bought the 10 for $10 bread at breadtalk!!!
and went to eat cute little tang yuan cause damn colourful :) :)

The winner of the Daiso Falsies is shantel
The winner of the Bugis Falsies is Petokgirl
Winners will be contacted via email for their home addresses :)

Here are their winning entries:

Well I want either Bugis/Daiso false eyelashes because I want to enhance my eyes because I have asian eyes which I get very embarrased about... shantel

I want to win a pair of 1013 eyelashes because I was e one who asked it through ur formspring.. :) I went to visit all cosmetic stores at Bugis Street but I still cant find it.. :( Petokgirl

Thank you all for participating!! If you didn't win, the eyelashes are widely available at Bugis street as well as Daiso at extremely affordable prices too!
Hope you all get pretty eyes ^^

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