Thursday, April 21, 2011


And this is evidence!! See this pic!
For her dimple to appear so prominently means she was using quite a lot of effort to smile, if you smiled gently your dimple won't appear so deeply one!
And she lets her lower set of teeth go really forward (as shown in my video) to create that super sharp jaw illusion.
She's a true genius I swear and she's my fucking idol!!! ^^

Anyway this is me with suuuper thin eyeliner cause I was trying to copy Angelababy's make up.
Sucking in my nose like mad here, lol

So anyway I tried to do an Angelababy Inspired make up today but I looked nothing like her except probably the white tube dress. LOL so I don't think i'll even bother showing a tutorial on how to do this

but nonetheless i still think the make up was quite nice? and martin said it was nice too and asked me to go out like this!
(BUT SUPER THIN EYELINER (to me) MAKES ME INSECURE. i still like my eyeliner spam.. so i guess not :/)

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