Friday, April 15, 2011

Full Locking

God damn, I really can't emphasize on how friggin tired I've been..
well... doing everything and anything that's unrelated to school though my finals are just a week away. gee :/
I'm planning to do like 7 video tutorials or random videos beforehand for one day of every week next week just in case I don't get to blog and you guys hate me for it! haha
I'd wanted to do the gif tutorial along with this post but omg it's 6am right now and I have a class at 8 and I'm typing this. I haven't slept okay!!

So i'm really sorry but I promise it'll be up soon :)

Anyway, something that cheered me up a whole lot!

Alice Huang
Alice Huang
12 hours straight on @'s blog and.. I finished reading every post. Day well spent indeed.


I really do think that I have an unbreakable affinity with rings.
Especially chio metal ringsssssss.
I can't seem to get enough of them!!!
Everytime I tell myself "enough is enough", truth is that enough is never enough!

I remembered when my friend Ian had a Vivien Westwood Inspired Armour ring which made me reallyyyyy jealous cause he told me he had it specially shipped in..
The first thought that came to mind was that i had to stop thinking of that ring cause i'm never gonna get it cause sadandoldgirl1990 doesn't have a CREDIT CARD. fml. that means i can only buy stuff locally! :(

I've finally found a website that sells it hahahaha shiok!

Plus, for those who has extra tiny fingers or slightly plump fingers who have never ever found a suitable fit for the NUMEROUS gazillion duo cross rings around, ShopTeenageDreams has them in the ADJUSTABLE design! :)

See how expensive this looks?
The dimensions are perfect, not too chunky, not too fat, not too short!

And if you're like me who finds joy in collecting rings and adding a ton of metal accessories to my body weight, this power claw ring is THE thing for you.

If you're speaking of MUST HAVES for rings for fashion statements, I'd say the Power Claw ring, Pamela Love Cage ring, Duo Cross ring and of course some A. M. Inspired ones which I'd mentioned in previous posts.

And just so happens to have 3 of the most important pieces someone who's somewhat associated with fashion or has a passion for fashion should have! Why does ShopTeenageDreams ALWAYS have such fashionable pieces?
You'll find out why soon! :)

Apart from rings, they also carry other accessories such as headwears, which can easily spice up a simple hairstyle and gain you a lot of hypes, even on bad hair days!
This feather one is definitely my favourite :)
I always have flat hair and need to make a lot of effort in ensuring that my hair poofs up, so on lazy days, headwears would be the best alternatives I can think of!

And to the question above, once you know the brains behind ShopTeenageDreams, you'll realise that it is no wonder that they manage to carry such fashion-forward and yet wearable designs.
And this is none other than Grace Sunami :)

I think most of you girls will definitely find her familiar cause she was the well-known model for many of TSR's collections! Here's an example!

I think ShopTeenageDreams is the materialised form of her chic style, made available to the public.
As much as low prices are desirable when making purchases, there are some things that just can't be replaced by cheaper substitutes - High quality products and unique design.

To the discerning readers with a keen eye for fashion, you'll definitely be able to appreciate this awesome page!
Do also join their mailing list for updates! :)


And for girls who're in need new clothes for school, here's something for you!

The problem with me is that my wardrobe is packed, and I swear it's so packed the racks are giving way soon,
but whenever I need to go out, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!

And you know how whenever you find a comfortable and yet pretty top or dress you end up wearing it every other day?
Yep, this is gonna be the lucky dress for the next few weeks! LOL
I'm in love with how slim and long it makes my arms look!
And the slits at the sides are just friggin chio! A good switch from plain long sleeve tops!

So do also check out glamourouskiss' newest designs!
I think most of them are extremely wearable for both casual and formal occassions and it doesn't make you look OLD! :P
I love clothes that make you look young hahaha!

Oh and I'm usually not a huge fan of high waist jeans but the more I look at this the prettier I think it is!!!
The cutting looks DAMN flattering!!! Now I just gotta think of what I can match it with :)

And this high waist shorts definitely caught my attention!
It's the LAST PIECE on their web if my memory doesn't fail me.
I think fully buttoned high waist shorts look a lot more expensive than those zipper kind with just 1 button at the top!
Cause it looks like a lot of effort was made into manufacturing this while the zip ones are just...meh~ hahaha
And if you like it you'd better hurry! Like I said, LAST PIECEEEEE!!! :)

Visit them and get pretty for school, for town and for your webcam (aiyer vain vain vain vain vain!!!) NOW!!! :)

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