Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hee, Bitch!

As I promised, here's the tutorial you girls have been asking for! :)
How to make your own gif!
I think this would be super helpful for those who are active on tumblr cause you can now save your own favourite moments from videos and share it on your tumblr ^^

First and foremost, you have to CAMWHORE!

Try to take a picture at EVERY change of mouth shape / lip movement. I trust you girls on your camwhoring skills so I'll just teach you how to put all the images together on photoshop :)
Your gif can be anything though, not just to show people talking. I use the same method to make those blinking banners at my sidebar :)

First you'll have to open up all your images in Photoshop. But because they all are in different windows, you need to copy and paste them all into one same window.

When you paste 2 images on the same window, they stack up as Layers.

Now that you have pasted all your images in one layer, you're ready!

Click on the Window button at the top, then click on Animation. A rectangular box (as shown) should appear on your screen.

Click on the button that says Duplicate Selected Frames. Click on it till there is enough frames for all your images (i.e. for my case I need 5 frames)

Done, got myself 5 frames

This part might be quite confusing so please read the words in red! :)

Continue matching the Frame number to the sequence to which you want the images to appear.

When you're done, select all the Frames

Right click at the timing (note that it says 0 sec. above) and change it to 0.2 sec.

Almost done!

DO NOT save it as jpeg cause it'll waste all your efforts!!!

Click on File , Save for Web & Devices, and save it as a GIF!

Anddddd you're done! :)

Upload it onto Photobucket or whatever picture hosting site that allows moving images!!

I hope the tutorial's been helpful for you and if you've met with any problems with it and need help, DO FB CHAT ME! hahah sometimes i'm damn lazy to reply emails so yeah :)

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Anyway, for those girls who are interested to know where I got my Cheap Monday Teeshirt (which I alwaysssss wear), you can visit cause they're currently holding a spree for Cheap Monday items!

I don't think these designs need any introduction so here're just some of the products they have! :)
ALL OF THEM ARE UNISEX! So you can get one for your boyfriend or brother as well ^^
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It's only $35 with normal postage so I think it's really reasonable cause it's authentic!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But they also have an inspired version which is selling at $20! But i think i'd prefer getting the real one cause it's more loose fit! ^^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Looks good as a gift and not too shabby cause it's branded hahah!!

Wallet 2


I don't really see Cheap Monday sprees around so hurry and place your orders else you'll regret like craaasy when everyone else has nice teeshirts and you don't!!!! :)
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