Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello Hello Kitty! ♥

My only memories of Hello Kitty are from when I was a kid and I had the whole series of Hello Kitty CDs and remember how nice their apple pies looked like they tasted :O

But I think after I grew up I was never a huge fan of Hello Kitty but somehow everyone thought I loved it haha!
I mean I think Hello Kitty's cute, just not a huge huge fan :)

But somehow along the way I just can't avoid having it appear in my life lol!
Or maybe cause I gave myself the screen name pxdKITTY so everyone thinks Kitty = Hello Kitty.
Actually I intended for the image of Kitty to be a black cat, like the witch's black cat. Oops :s

Hahaha but anyway here're some examples!

Nails! Rather than getting blingbling nails or those purely polka dot ones, the Hello Kitty design from caught my eye and I preferred it more than the rest :) :)

My cute little Hello Kitty mug! I got this when I was 16 when I blogshopping kind of just started for me and I went crazy and bought everything in sight!
I bought this at $5 but it was yeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrssssss back (yes I'm that old) so please don't ask me where to get this now!!

Hello Kitty fork and spoon!!! This pair was $1.99? from Japan when I went there a few years back :)
I like to buy wu eh bo eh things that I don't use in the end cause it's too tiny and I can't grab enough food with it! :/ I may not look like it but I eat a lot by the way!

Another wu eh bo eh thing lol! Hello Kitty chopsticks!
I don't use this pair cause I like my silver metal chopsticks better!! Everytime at the dinner table there'll be 4 pairs of wooden chopsticks for my family and one pair of silver ones cause I like to be extra like that HAHAH

And my gothic Hello Kitty shake shake head thingy that's powered by sunlight.
Idk what this is called lah but it was given to me by my exbf but it looks cute and I can't be bothered to throw it away. So if any girls want it let me know but you come collect from my place yourself ah! ^^ I stay around Kovan.. but don't stalk me when I don't have make up on pls!! :S

And my Hello Kitty pillow which my sister got from me in Japan! :)
It's like super cute cause it's a huge ass head (I'd have loved it equally a lot if it was Domokun or Pikachu anyway) and I love the star designs on the ribbon and on the back of the pillow!!!
Plus I like to sleep, so this makes it one of my favourite things ever :) :)

And then my boyfriend saw me taking pictures of my Hello Kitty things and decided to be cute and wanted to be a lifesize Hello Kitty model too!!! :p
He did this himself by the way!!! :D
So here's my favouritest favourite Hello Kitty everrrrrrrr!!! :) My bbyloveeeeee!!!! ^^

Now that you've stared at all the Hello Kitty things that I have, if you have a Hello Kitty collection too and want to add on a new item to it, do check this page out!!! :)
mention PXDKITTY to get $2 off! ♥

Previously when I posted about instax cameras there were people asking why the Hello Kitty designs aren't available. So here you go!!! :D :D :D

Hello Kitty lovers will adore this I swear!!
The Hello Kitty 25s lets you take chio instant pictures while looking cute holding onto a Hello Kitty instant camera (instead of those normal black/white ones) in case someone's taking a picture of you with their own cameras!
Like you know... a picture of you taking a picture!

Also, if you're not a fan of Hello Kitty but STILL wanna look cute holding onto a cute instant camera, you might like the Doraemon 7s! :)
To be honest I've never seen this around so if you own one of this, chances are that no one else has the same one as you!!! ^^

So hesitate no more, get your adorable instant cameras now!! :)
mention PXDKITTY to get $2 off! ♥


Okay here comes the fun part!
My mum just gave me a BRANDED bag today!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!
And when I say branded I mean branded cause EVERYONE confirm heard of this brand before! :) When I tell you the brand confirm you go like "ohhh!"
I'm not gonna tell you how much the price is but I want you to guess what brand is it! :D
This is my first branded bag so I'm super excited to share a picture of it!!!! Please be happy for me okay!!!

All you have to do is to leave the "Brand that you guess my bag is from + your email" on my formspring ( and I'll pick the winner by tomorrow! Hehe :D
The winner will get a Hello Kitty with Shades necklace courtesy of
I'll announce the results in my next post!

I hope you win!!! ^^

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