Saturday, April 2, 2011


Here's the Snooki Inspired hair tutorial some girls asked for on formspring! :)
Keep requesting ^^


At times like this, your CHEAP STUFF RADAR should be turned on.
Cause this American flag tee is only $13.41mailed wtf!!!!!!
mention PXDKITTY and get 10% off!

Junkieruins' first collection is called SheerDesires, consisting of a wide range of designs to suit our needs!
The irony about our country is that we're summer all year round, and yet we're so conservative with our dressing!
You don't see girls walking around scantily clad though our weather sucks big ass. Cause if they do, people will just judge them for being a "slut" or some other labels though they probably just don't want to die of heatstroke.

So I guess the next best alternative we could do is to wear sheer clothes! :)
You can cover up the necessary without burning yourself out!
And since the weather these days got a little worse than it usually was, take advantage of it and go to now! ^^

I think I've mentioned about a design similar to this crochet piece before, and I said it's suitable to wear it over a bikini? :)
Well I still think that way, cause I'm the damn shyshy kind *ahem* who will wear something over my bikini cause I don't want people to see my tummy fatsssss :p

Idk if anyone feels the same way but this pair of wash out red denim shorts looks damn apt for a desert shoot! I'm glad this shade of red is so pretty!!! Not like those chilli red shorts that *ahemahliansahem* would wear :p if you have a pair of chilli red shorts, please throw them away and buy this instead? ^^ it'll definitely change the entire look!

and anyway, when i said desert shoot, i meant this kind! like damn country with all the sand, sun, dirty jeeps in the background kind! something like the picture below! if she wore a black raw hem crop top with some eagle print plus the washed out red denim shorts i think she'd look damn hot too! ^^

I also really like this piece cause it's black! Almost everything black is nice to most people :) And not to mention damn wearable!
Togas are usually either body hugging or in dress forms. But this toga romper stands out cause of its flattering cutting!
Not everyone has perfect figure (i know i don't!) so sometimes you can't force yourself to wear the same cutting as everyone else. This toga on the other hand allows you to appear as trendy as those girls in fitting toga dresses, and yet look like you have skinny legs and no tummy! Notice the flare at the bottom of the romper, I think I've talked about this toooo many times!!! :) IT MAKES YOUR LEGS LOOK SKINNER, PERIOD.


Anyway, this part is for the benefit of those girls who've asked on my formspring where to get nice bags! ^^

So here are some nice designs I'd like to share from

Everyone loves studs and they never go out of trend!
Coupled with the chained sling, you can get it at just $24! :)
p.s. do mention PXDKITTY with your purchase ^^
But the nicest part about this bag has got to be the faux fur flap! ^^ DAMN CHIO!
I like all furry things cause i think it makes things look damn atas!
It'll be suitable for town, going for dinners, clubbing etc!

I actually have a bag damn similar to this but it's from H&M and it's like $45? :(
Plus no furry part, damn it!!! I'm gonna order this and take pics again when it arrives ^^
Can't wait! Hurry k cause she's closing the preorder soon!

My second favourite would be this! Fringe and studded bag! :)
Again I'm damn pekchek cause I have a similar one but NO STUDS and mine costed about $10 more :(
I think you can carry this to town or school cause it'll suit a casual outfit. So make sure you dress appropriately! ^^

I'm gonna order from here now at
You guys should too! They have a lot of other bags there :)
Do remember to quote PXDKITTY with your purchase! ^^
I'll take pictures again when my bags arrive! sexcitedddddd!

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