Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Promises are Promises

Hi my baby beloved adorable sweethearts!
I'm super inactive online today on Facebook and Twitter cause I have a morning paper tomorrow and also on Friday :(
And I haven't had the time to reply the questions on my formspring ( but you guys can keep posting cause I'll definitely answer them most likely after my paper tomorow or on Friday! :)

I'm posting this during my break from studying #nolife

Anyway I've made plans for the make up tutorial I promised (yes, of my sibeh gao eyeliner and caked on foundation) already!!! :)
And I know how it feels like when you watch a tutorial on youtube and then go like "Damn, I really need to get those eyeshadow colours / eyeliner / lip colour etc now!!" but it's like 10pm and these are rare times when the 24-hour 7-eleven doesn't help so you have to suck it up and wait for cosmetic stores to open the next day but probably by then you'll be less driven to rewatch the entire tutorial and so ultimately you won't be able to prettify yourself the way the video taught you to so all in all you'd wasted 5 minutes of your life watching a tutorial you'll never follow.
Wah, that was a mouthful.

So here's a preview of the items I'll be using, and it'll be good if you can get the exact same ones (for the same effect as I'll get in the tutorial) cause each one serves a purpose (eg. product has extremely good coverage, smooth matte finish etc)
But if you can't, try to get something close to it! :)

Products you'll need:

1. Circle Lens

2. Double eyelid tape / Double eyelid Fibre
Where to buy: SASA (Hougang Mall Branch), Chameleon, Daiso or
Reason: You need them to create more deepset eyes or fake double eyelids if you don't already have them.

3. Maybelline Angelfit Foundation
Where to buy: Watsons
Reason: Extremely good coverage, as seen in this post (

4. Bodyshop Concealer
Where to buy: Bodyshop
Reason: One of my favourite concealers ever cause it's super light coloured and I'd rather look like a reverse panda than let my gross eyebags be seen. But you can also try the CandyDoll Face concealer at cause that's my next goal.

5. CandyDoll Face Powder
Where to buy: LAST PIECE INSTOCK, else you'll have to wait for the spree, which has many other chio CandyDoll items you'll go crazy over (
Quote PXDKITTY with purchase
Reason: You'll definitely fall in love with it. Best loose powder I've tried yet! Gonna stick to it long time! And I've never heard of anyone disliking this powder, ever.
There are TONS of positive reviews on it online and you can read one of them here

6. DollyWink Liquid Eyeliner
Quote PXDKITTY with purchase
Reason: The tip of this eyeliner is extremely fine, provides good control especially for drawing sharp edges at the inner corners of your eye to extend it. More details in the video! Do wait for it! Plus, this liquid eyeliner is longer lasting than my gel eyeliner, so it won't smudge so easily throughout the day.

7. DollyWink Eyelashes
Quote PXDKITTY with purchase
Reason: Not everyone is blessed with thick and gorgeously curled eyelashes. Even with an eyelash curler and damn good mascara, my eyelashes can't be helped. So I depend heavily on false eyelashes and I really love the ones from DollyWink. I only wear it on special occasions cause it's too damn nice!!! Blogged about it some time back as well. You should invest in a pair too!

8. CandyDoll Lipstick in Soda Pink
Quote PXDKITTY with purchase
Reason: I'm not a lipstick person but I cannot resist this, totally. I'd say it completes the look and I carry it around all the time. Got asked quite a lot of questions about it when I wore it in previous posts.

9. Light Pink Lipgloss
Where to buy: Frankly, any light pink lipgloss that is NOT shimmery will do. I'm using the one from YSL from idk how many years back and I don't even know if it's expired so I'm not going to recommend that.
Reason: After applying a good base colour for your lip, you need to add some volume to it so your lips look fuller and more pouty in pictures.

10. Basic Brown Eyeshadow Powder
Where to buy: SASA, Watsons
Reason: You really won't want a pair of gorgeous-looking eyes with no eyebrows. It's quite unsightly if you ask me. Also, I'm going to use this for contouring!

Most shops don't sell DollyWink or CandyDoll items (and even if they do, they're more expensive outside than online) so I'd recommend going to cause she's my friend and she's definitely reliable!
You can also quote PXDKITTY with your make up purchases! :)

Alright, I hope you guys will miss me while I'm not here and hopefully I won't do too badly for my exams!!! Hahah


And just in case you miss me too much, here are some old videos from my Facebook just to kill your time!

Watch me eat an apple!

Watch me eat instant noodles, real time!


Here's a shoutout to ZiYi and HiokLeng! :)
Thanks for reading my page sweethearts! ^^

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Bye!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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