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RE: Angela Baby

DISCLAIMER: All pictures of Angelababy are not my own and no infringement of copyright is intended. They are just for reference to the points I'm trying to drive at.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am not trying to be Angelababy or trying to say I look like her. Any comparison made was just for the sake of supporting my argument. Seriously, retarded and unnecessary comments will not be entertained.

So after my mum showed me videos of when I was really little, I went to look back on all my older pictures (i mean like secondary school days and stuff) and DAMN, THEY LOOK TERRIBLE.

And one of my braces picture reminded me of something I read online about Angelababy:
"Those people keep harping on about the rumors as if my whole face is fake. That old photo was taken when I was wearing braces so my face looked swollen. Moreover, the camera angle wasn't good," she told one publication."

So I got curious.
Cause ever since my friend showed me a picture of Angelababy's "before & after" and told me Angelababy had undergone plastic surgery, I believed in the magic of plastic surgery so much that I've assumed Angelababy wasn't born pretty (but I still think she's gorgeous "after surgery" nonetheless). And one of the most common "before & after" photos easily found on google would be this:

So I went to google again and found the article where I remembered Angelababy said her braces made her face swollen like in the pictures of her younger days. And then something caught my attention. Read the article okay!!!

(Article below is taken from:

Tue, Jul 13, 2010
China Daily/ANN
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Hong Kong model driven to tears over reports of cosmetic surgery

(Above: Left - picture of Angelababy after surgery, Right - picture of Angelababy before surgery)

Stunning Hong Kong model AngelaBaby has been driven to tears by a string of media reports that she has had cosmetic enhancements, including a face lift, teeth correction, nose job, double-fold eyelid surgery, cheekbone reduction, chin surgery and more. If true, AngelaBaby is practically bionic.

"Evidence" provided for the allegations include a host of before and after shots that show AngelaBaby used to have "sausage lips" but these are now thin, a fat face that has slimmed, narrow eyes that have magically become round, and so on. AngelaBaby has imaginatively denied the rumors.

"Those people keep harping on about the rumors as if my whole face is fake. That old photo was taken when I was wearing braces so my face looked swollen. Moreover, the camera angle wasn't good," she told one publication.

She also said that she would get medical proof that she was "all woman" and not a collection of parts.


And then I felt quite sad for her, cause she's so pretty and sweet looking and cute!!!! why the fuck they make her cry for?!

And I was thinking if it was me, and I got repeatedly accused of plastic surgery and if it was real (then it probably wouldn't be called accused), i'd have snapped and shouted at the reporters "FUCK THAT SHIT. I DID SURGERY WHY YOU HUAN LO. BIG DEAL. KPKB SO MUCH FOR WHAT. MY FACE ALSO NOT YOURS WHAT."

So I went to re-search for her "before & after" pictures again.
And some people said that she'd turned from an "ordinary chinese girl" into "a foreigner" (i think those were the words they used).


But if you look carefully at her younger pictures, she did look quite mixed what. Her eyes were already huge and she had a sharp nose bridge? You can't deny she does look a bit mixed. Like my boyfriend, he's pure chinese but he looks mixed. You want to tell me he went for plastic surgery??!!

Okay I know you know where this post is heading towards and your guard is probably all up now thinking "No, it can't be, you're just being stupid, she can't be naturally pretty, she must have done this this that that.........."

So then I read another article about her "plastic surgery"...

(Article below taken from:

Angelababy – Surgery Accusations

Angelababy – Surgery Accusations hong kong gossip

Angela Yeung Wing ( 杨颖 ) – nicknamed Angelababy – is a fashion icon of the new generation in Hong Kong, often referred to as “Hong Kong Goddess” by Japanese media and “Hong Kong’s Million Dollar Babe”.

More Pictures Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Rumours about Angelababy’s relationship and her cosmetic surgery have been going about intensely this year. She was accused of having nose, chin, lips, eyes and breasts surgeries over the last seven years ( 7年变脸之路 , photos below). Whilst some of her supporters are truly behind her, others are gradually convinced that she is not an honest person nor a natural beauty.

Angelababy – Surgery Accusations hong kong gossip

14-15 Years Old

Angelababy – Surgery Accusations hong kong gossip

17-18 Years Old

Angelababy – Surgery Accusations hong kong gossip

Nose Surgery

Angelababy – Surgery Accusations hong kong gossip

A Chinese girl who looks like Angelababy after plastic surgery

On Angelababy’s recent Sina blog and microblog posts, she firmly denied the absurd accusation and posted the following photos instead, asking her fans to forward them and accept the fact that she has just grown up.

Angelababy – Surgery Accusations hong kong gossip

"accept the fact that she has just grown up." I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS.

So here's my take on the accusations in the article:

Eyes surgery: As said above, her eyes were naturally huge from the start with double eyelids. All of us small chinky eyed people should be envious of her naturally big eyes and not accuse everyone with big eyes of surgery. With professional make up, you can easily make a pair of originally HUGE eyes extremely doe and pretty. So I doubt she did anything to her eyes.

Plus, Angelababy doesn't have that... unnatural(?) gaze Dawn Yang's big eyes have. Not hating on DY just that in video clips you can actually see DY's eyelid surgery scars (and I actually want to go for eyelid surgery myself and I don't mind looking fake lah) but I'm just doing a comparison here cause I don't believe Angelababy did anything to her eyes!

Nose surgery: Refer to the above pictures of when she was younger, she actually already had quite a distinct nose bridge. If she didn't have a high nose bridge from the start, there wouldn't be any shadows between/under her eyebrows when she was younger. And anyway,when you're younger your face would definitely be rounder. Plus camera angles and how you take your pictures of course.

And I can very confidently say this from my own experience (like I said, I was looking at my older pictures today).

The picture on the left was on graduation in Cedar when I was 16, my eyes were suuuper puffy from all that crying and please forgive the tiara, it was a class unity thing and everyone in our class had to wear one on graduation day.
And the picture on the right was a picture taken for a blogshop selling bags (which I will blog about this week hahah).

If I were someone famous and you put two of my pictures like this, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone said I went for a nose job, eye surgery or even jawline reduction. (But because I'm not famous and there's a 99.99% chance I can't afford surgery no one will accuse me of doing surgery!)
AND YOU GUYS KNOW THAT I DO NOT PHOTOSHOP MY FACE/EYES/NOSE (i'll tell you why in a bit) so my pictures are valid for arguing my point in this case. And if after all my blogposts and you still didn't know, I'm all about the camera angles (you can watch my tutorial on Taking Chio Photos without Photoshopping here:

Looking at the two pictures now, I think I'm really damn good at make up and camera angles hahahaha so fml for the past 5 years of my life looking like the picture on the left.
I mean yes, you learn along the way while you grow older, but during the learning process you get many unflattering and hideous looking photos like that. So yah.. :(

Because when I was 17 and I first discovered photoshop, I tried to make my face pretty like Xiaxue and I looked like the picture below - a fucking alien head with weird jaw weird nose weird eyes weird everything. From then on I gave up. Plus I was lazy and super disheartened to try again.. so there. Now I only adjust the lighting and colour hues of my pictures to make them look artsy fartsy LOL!

Anyway DAISYFAYE was the name of my blogshop when I was 17!! hahaha inspired from Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, a materialistic woman in the novel. don't laugh at me k thankssssss.

A lot of people said that she had "sausage" lips before and thin lips after.

So anyway I posted "Do you guys think that Angelababy did plastic surgery? Please post all your comments!! ♥ ty!" (cause I wanted to know what others think) on my facebook and one of my friends commented that using braces as an excuse for her swollen face wasn't valid.

So I went to look at all my old braces photos (p.s. Angelababy, I am sacrificing all my pride, all of my little reputation that i have, just for you, and risk having myself ridiculed for a really long time and having these photos being widespread for malicious reasons on no-lifers' forums, in hopes that if just 1 more person believes you're naturally pretty, I'd have done all of that for a good cause)

True enough, braces DO give you swollen lips cause it's friggin ass cold hard squarish metal perpetually cutting your lips from the inside and it makes your lips protrude out A LOT. My braces period had the highest number of awkward and grotesque pictures, and I dread looking at them so badly omg.
Fuck you all lucky born-with-perfect-teeth-and-get-to-save-$3k-people!!!! :(

And I won't even bother try explaining why I look so ugly in these pictures seriously.. BUT YOU GET MY DRIFT. BRACES GIVE YOU AWKWARD LIPS AND AWKWARD SMILES AND AWKWARD EXPRESSIONS. PERIOD.

/Random insert of a nice picture of myself to hopefully erase those hideous images of me in your mind *cross fingers*

Plus, from the picture below (which people often caption as "before and after surgery"), you can tell that the only difference is her make up.

I mean her lips look smaller now cause she probably put her lipstick more professionally and chose a prettier shade to match her natural look.

When I was younger, I remember playing with lipstick and drawing it too far out of my natural lips till I look like i have Rihanna's lips!!!! And my own lips are considered thin by the way.
Don't tell me you're damn pro at make up since young?? Everyone makes mistakes what..

see! proof! this is her chio pic with relatively full lips! it's the way you apply your lipstick!!

Chin: Do these pictures below look like she did anything to her chin??? I don't think so, I think her face still has that slightly roundish shape but she's just damn skinny!!

Seriously, stare at it!!! No implants here!

Jaw surgery looks like that one meh??

And if you still don't believe me, when I find the time I'll do a video of how Angelababy TALKS and SMILES (this is gonna sound super psychotic but i tried in the mirror and it's do-able) to show you how a normal looking chin can look DAMN SHARP (like as if it's the magic of implants) even in videos. It's the way she talks and smiles lah!!! haiyo.I KNOW YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME. BUT WAIT FOR MY VIDEO. YOU WAIT!!

It's actually a damn genius "taking perfect photos without photoshop" technique, I swear! And it's applicable to videos too omg. I want to try to master it so I can look nice in videos too! LOL

And I think as a model, there's definitely a certain way Angelababy will need to carry herself? Like she can't laugh hideously in front of the camera like we can even when something's really fucking funny! That's why she will have to control all her facial movements carefully so as not to reveal a double chin or unflattering angle etc cause at any moment there could be paparazzis with spy cams hiding everywhere waiting to post an ugly picture of her for the sake of tabloids!


And at the end of the day, she's a popular model and even if she were to photoshop her already pretty face in pictures on her blog to make her look even better, I really don't see anything wrong with that. A lot of (not lazy) people do that what!!

I mean come on lah everyone has accidental bad angles here and there and you can't expect 100% chio pictures all the time.
And people have better things to do! Not everyone has so much time to waste to take 100 pictures just to choose 1 nice one like yours truly lol!

And just in case you're really dense, I've actually come to terms that our Maker (God, nu wa, Jade emperor or idk what else) IS indeed extremely unfair and have give all the prettiness to one lucky girl and give really stingily or given none to the rest of us. So there! JUST ADMIT SHE'S NATURALLY PRETTY LAH HAHAHA
And just because she has money and fame doesn't mean she spends it on plastic surgery what. Every famous person needs plastic surgery meh?

But anyway, ultimately this are just my own opinions and even if you disagree with me I really appreciate that you managed to finish reading the entire post to hear me out :) And I sincerely believe that Angelababy is being truthful about not having done surgery cause I like her a lot and love is blind (i'm saying this in the least lesbianish way ever). And because SHE CRIED :( And when a pretty girl cries, nothing is more important than that!!!

Aiya but then again, whatever she does, why do people huan lo so much and have to say bad things about her? I mean if you don't like pretty looking people (cause you assume they're all plastic) then don't look at them lor! Close your eyes and turn away. It's not like Angelababy is shoving her face in yours what (but i bet if she does that to you, you will be so fucking high anyway??). I always believe that if you have nothing better to say then just shut the fuck up. But human nature's like that, it's always easier to criticise others than look at their good sides. That's why formspring got so many trolls that KEEP COMING BACK AND KEEP READING YOUR BLOG ENTRIES THOUGH THEY HATE YOU. WTF. OBSESSED AH.

And anyway, if not for Angelababy, many companies might not have had such successful advertisements? Many people like me and you will have one less gorgeous eyecandy to stalk? Many people will still think that ang mohs are always prettier than Asians??? Think about it!

So the next time you see someone or something you don't like, turn away and don't be so mean. It's probably not worth your time if you hate on that person/thing so much anyway :) And you get wrinkles if you get angry~~~~~

Alright end of entry!
May some of Angelababy's prettiness be graced upon us! hahahah
p.s. but seriously, if i had the $$$$$ i'd definitely go do plastic surgery up down left right! ^^



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Whizzer's Rose said...

Hi, stumbled on your blog while looking for "before surgery" angelababy photos- actually, I'm with you on this one. I think she didn't have surgery but rather she might have braces coz if you'd study her picture more, you'd actually see that when her teeth got fixed the shape of her mouth is the same as it was before. It just appeared bigger because her teeth were protruding. I had braces as well and and 2 teeth removed and braces really did alter my face and smile so I think she didn't have plastic surgery.

Of course, magazines do photoshop their cover thus making her look more ethereal.