Tuesday, April 26, 2011

School Blues


This is for all the sweethearts in Secondary School or JC with school uniform and no-make-up-allowed woes!!!
I'm gonna save you from all the bad experiences I went through looking like some crappy geek hahah!

Photos from the video!

I'm having problems with my pictures so I'm using blogger to upload them instead and they turned out kinda small.. :(
You can click on them to view a bigger image though!


If you haven't already watched the video, you REALLY have to watch it to understand what these pictures below are about, lol!

By the way, I'm SELLING this leopard print tote bag at $26 inclusive of postage brand new with tag!
It also has a drawstring for it to become a bucket bag :)
stfuitskitty@gmail.com if you want it!


Remember when I blogged here (http://pxdkitty.blogspot.com/2011/04/love-will-keep-us-alive.html) about the CHEAPEST ACCESSORIES EVER??? :)

Hehehe they're back with a whole bunch of new stuff!

All items at $3 unless stated!

These designs would cost x3 the price outside, like in Diva and Accessorize!!!!
Wahlaoeh save a lot sia!!

If you'd went to FEP, this TOPSHOP Inspired sparrow necklace would've easily cost you $19.90!
with $3 you can't even buy the chain alone haha!!!
Cube-gen is awesome seriously!

For people who like vintage toy cameras. you can get the miniature version and hang them around your neck too :)

and zomg i have this owl necklace which i bought at a flea market at $9! and i thought i was the best shopper ever already cause online sold them at $14 to $18!
And now we have it at $3!!! mannnn, i feel cheated :(

And anyway if you're looking for Envelope Clutches, these are only going at $16!!!!
Cheap and cute! The colours available remind me of bubblegum!!

Their sprees close really quickly and are super efficient!!
So order now at


Mention PXDKITTY with your purchase!

Okay here're the pictures from my FIRST EVER STUDIO SHOOT!
hahah damn big deal for me cause i always take pictures with my pink walls.. and true enough I think from today onwards I'll never ever do studio shoots again cause they take the pictures from a whole lot LOWER angle than I usually do and so I think the pictures make my face look fat and round :'( I like high angles so I can pretend my jaw is long and skinny *sigh*

Anyway it was my first shoot and I was late for it so I pretty much rushed through all the designs and so every shot/pose was only taken ONCE. look fat look awkward also cannot retake! Plus I paiseh to complain I look ugly cause it was my fault I was late.. :s

Haha but anyway cause I modelled for everything, I can safely say that http://www.thevoguevegas.com/ do have some really nice designs and cuttings! Especially the knitted pieces, I fell in love with my reflection lor! But idk why the pictures turn out like dhfksdhfkds
Whoever said I was photogenic was obviously lying to me T.T

Anyway out of the lot, these are some of my favourite pieces!!
Confirm wearable confirm look nice on everyone one! :)

Hehe and cause this is the first blogshop I modelled for (despite my not so nice expressions, angles and poses) please support them okay? :D :D


Speaking of modelling for blogshops, I also modelled (in my own room) for http://mystolenkisses.livejournal.com/1040.html
but they requested for my hair not to cover the apparels' details so I bunned up my hair for all the shots haha!
So in some of the shots I don't look quite like myself.. :x

But anyway you can visit them at

OKAY BYE! :) :)

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