Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flash attack

[add on quick post]

When someone insults me on formspring I'm like......

HAHAHA i learnt it from Nicki Minaj's gif on tumblr

[end of add on]

Here's the post I promised! :)
Wx and baby came over to my place and we had popeyessssss!!!
sibeh shiok :D

and damn fattening lah now we all damn weight conscious cause bby and i gained weight lol :(

anyway remember I mentioned about auntie agnes' salon in this post ( and said "i was there with weixiang while waiting for bby to end work, he dyed some really powerpack blondeish colour! hahaha i'll take a picture of his after hair and show you all next time so you girls can eyecandy him cause he's single ^^"? :)
here're the pictures we took yesterday in my room!!

if you wanna eyecandy him, this is his formspring ^^

leave me a comment and tell me if he's cute leh!
personally i think he's good looking but he's quite shy and doesn't believe me!! wahlao wx!!!
haha i think martin's close friends all quite handsome (like wx and zee), BUT TO ME MARTIN MOST HANDSOME OF COURSE ^^


and of courseeeeeeeeeeee, my super charming super cute super talented super lovable super huggable superrrrr adorable boyfrienddddd ^^
unlike wx, this one is can see but cannot touch cause he's MINE!!!!! :)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~ ^^
after all these months i still feel like some super fan girl looking at her idol sia. LOL OOPS? ^^

i don't care what you think but i think my bf is damn hot! ^^ wheeee!


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