Thursday, May 19, 2011

Essensuals Bugis #1

I've been getting quite a number of "where you do your hair" questions (but auntie agnes who used to do my hair isn't working anymore) and today..... I finally have an answer!!!
I guess this name should be familiar and quite well known among the younger group :)
And yep, I went to ESSENSUALS BUGIS today to do my hair!! ^^
Love it x999999999 cause I finally found someone who knows what kind of hair I want!! ^^
My stylist's name is Wayne! He's super nice and gentle!!!

Their place is super cosy and they even have a comfy sofa for the loving boyfriend who's accompanying his girlfriend getting her hair done and all that!
Extremely personalised, and they look after their customers a lot, now I love them heheh ^^

The place is located just above Burger King at Bugis Village so it's damn easy to find :)
I'll post up more pictures of my hair soon, apparently my previous hair colour got washed out and my hair looked damn patchy. But now, it's damn shiny and healthy looking woohoo!! ^^
(P.S. thank you Wayne!!!)

So does anyone wanna do their hair together?
I'll bring a few of you girls there and wait for you while you do your hair ^^
Let's have a girly pampering hair outing and do some girl talk etc hehehe!!!
Then after that we can shop at bugis!!! OMG WANT OR NOT?! :D
If yes, how about on THIS Friday (20th May)? Let's say about 3pm? So that we have enough time to shop after that!
If you confirm want, fb pm me ( or ask me on twitter (!/pxdkitty) for my number ehehehe :)

Anyway in case you don't know much about Essensuals Bugis, they're also responsible for the hairstyles of a lot of famous people like Celeste Chen, Nicole Chen, Miyake, Dawn Yang, Peggy Heng (and omg i saw her there when i was doing my hair!!!) etc, and recently they did the hairstyles for FHM models too!!

This is their Hall of Fame, super cool lah! you can see it the moment you enter the place ^^

And for girls who want to go for the hair outing together, here are the rates!
They're usually damn packed and fully booked one, so go on weekdays better! Got more attention from the stylists ^^

Remember ah, if you confirm want girly hair + shopping time on Friday, fb pm me ( or ask me on twitter (!/pxdkitty) for my number ehehehe :)


Quote PXDKITTY for $2 off EACH PIECE!!! :D

ExodusParade has many designs which I think are inspired by branded labels commonly seen on LookBook!
Meaning they don't only look expensive, they are wearable for normal and formal occassions too!
I've picked some designs from their web you girls might like! ^^

Hehehe as you all know by now, leopard dresses are a MUST for my wardrobe!!!
And this leopard dress also has a sheer laced back ^^

And if you're looking for a basic black dress for work, ExodusParade has a sweet but not too extravagant version of it! :)

And even after so long, i'm still quite into Ripped Denim High Waist Shorts and this cutting looks really good!!!
Definitely Levis inspired but at a fraction of the price :)

When I saw this black mesh piece I was like "omg i want it!!" cause I have a mesh shirt which DOESN'T have the cut cut shoulder thing which I think is damn sexy lor :p
So if you don't already have a sheer shirt, get one of these!!
I always wear a basic black dress + mesh outerwear if I'm lazy but still want to look as if I dressed up! ^^

And basic bandage skirts are essentials, it's almost as important as undergarments but worn on the outside!
Cause you know why? There are endless possibilities with a basic bandage skirt!
You can have so many "new" outfits with just one pair of bandage skirt:
Crop Top + Bandage Skirt
Plaid Button Shirt + Bandage Skirt
Plain White Tank Top + Bandage Skirt
Black Long Sleeve top + Bandage Skirt
Black Toga Top + Bandage Skirt
Coloured Toga Top + Bandage Skirt

Confirm can make your money worth! ^^
So do visit them now!

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