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Make Up Contest: Winners

Okay the PXDKITTY Inspired Make Up Contest (from this post: was supposed to end on the 11th of June, but I was packing my room today and it's like super cramped up with stuff so I'm going to end the contest earlier so I can mail the prizes out so I have less stuff in my room heheheh! :p
I know I know, what a bad reason, but nevermind...!!!! ^^

So in this post I've uploaded all the contestants' (not a lot lor, so it's actually quite easy to win!!) entries :D
I've posted only a section of their full post and provided the links for you to view their full posts so this post doesn't get too long or laggy heheh! ^^

This is the original video I made and the girls were encouraged to do a make up blogpost or video on it!
(which they all did very well!)

Before we look at all their posts, here're the prizes!!
(I actually intended to chose only 1 winner but cause it was so hard to pick I ended up choosing 3!!! LOL)

2 winners x Suki 12 Piece Make Up Brush Set

1 winner x 2 sets of Falsies + Averine Mineral Eyeshadow in Amethyst

I think each of them put in a lot of effort and I enjoyed reading every single one cause everyone's make up style and technique is different even if we used the same products and I've learnt a lot from each of their tutorials as well! ^^

Read Jiong Hui's full post here:

hehehe .. this post must be scary for all of you !
think twice before you read it ..
better dont read lar :D wahahaha ..

yeah .. actually i just take few step only ..
i use : liquid eyeliner,pencil eyeliner, mascara - the basic
erm .. not really use foundation cause i really lazy to remove ..
so yeah ! no make up always the best .. but make up will make you look different !
nah .. i show you .. see the differences?


Read Janna's full post here:

Here are the steps!

(Click for bigger image)

1. Totally bared face #fml - Had to find something nice to wear.
2. Foundation (Loreal True Match in N3) - I blend it with my fingers
3. Concealer (Loreal True Match) - Blend it with my fingers again.
4. Dab your concealer in.
5. Bronzer/contouring powder (MAC mineral powder) - swipe it in your hollows of your cheeks.
6. Using the same powder, swipe it over your jaw line
7. Using the same powder, contour your nose.
8. Eyebrow Pencil (Sasa Cyber Color) – Fill in your brows.
9. CG Taupe ES – Refer to 11.
10. Mascara (Shisedo MJ) – Apply on your lower lashes
11. Using a C-brush, apply on your lower out corner lashline.
12. Smile for picture
13. Double eyelid sticker (icantrmb) – on your lids.
14. Smile for picture
15. Concealer (Loreal True Match) – Conceal your lips
16. Nude Lipstick (Revlon) – Apply all over your lips
17. Lipgloss (Revlon) – Coat generously all over
!. Smile for picture!




Read Angela's full post here:


This is my before look , damn cho i know -.- eyebags and dark circle! lack of sleep. 


my first time with full out EVEN eyeliner  , thanks to Rachell.
i usually only line my upper lid ~ cause i'll destroy the look when i tried to join the lower and the upper

next up , wait for itt






Tried PXDKITTY's Signature Wink look. 


 Read Kumiko's full post here:

Thursday, May 12, 2011
PXDKITTY Inspired Make Up Look

Readers, just in case you're wondering what am I up to, this is actually a contest conducted by Rachell aka Pxdkitty. OH YEAH! My favorite blogger as of now because she's really really friendly and is always willing to share her good deals with all her readers. *wide grins!*

If you happen not to heard of her, you might wanna visit her blog. I swear it's damn addictive! Never once did I regretted coming across her blog. ^^ 


Okay, so here are my pictures I guess. ヽ (▽ ° °) Bruno

Before Picture.ピンクマン

No make-up and newly washed face. 

I wash my face before applying make-up. 口紅


I apply the make-up inspired from Pxdkitty. にこ

The results はてなマーク

After pictures, I Applied make-Up.


I credit everything to her.

See my hair? るん♪

A bit messy, right? Most likely

I am inspired from Pxdkitty's hair as well. ラブラブ

These few girls AMAZED me!!!
They all have damn zai cameras and my inbuilt webcam which I used now feels damn inferior :(
But their efforts are damn commendable honestly!!!
And I like how some of them also used the sticky fringe patch (like the one I have) and also the usagi headband!!! heheh :D
It really shows a lot when you put in effort, and your efforts won't go to waste cause I've noticed it!! ^^


Follow Ivy here:!/ParamourVin on twitter, and add her!/profile.php?id=534664428 on facebook


Read Jocelyn's full post here:


Follow Christie on twitter:!/kuhristiee

Trust me, it was damn hard to choose after seeing everyone's entries and I went from choosing 1 winner to 3 winners cause I can't decide!!!!
hahaha I wish I could choose everyone though! :x

So anyway here are the winners for the SUKI Make Up Brush Set!

JOCELYN: Firstly, it's cause her video quality sibeh tok gong!!! And her tutorial was extremely clear and soooo damn pretty to watch!!! ^^
I think that it's really important for make up tutorials to be easily understood and followed and I think she did a way better job than me, so she definitely deserves to win!!!! :D :D

CHRISTIE: Cause she put in suuuuper a lot of effort and captured the essence of an "Inspired look"! Not only did she have the fringe sticky patch and a similar polka dot Usagi headband that I wore, she posed with the same USA top I modelled for FashionHooks at the end of the video!!! hehehe I LITERALLY SMILED TO MYSELF CAUSE SHE'S SOOO CUTE!!! :) :)

And the winner for the Eyelashes & Eyeshadow!

ANGELA:  Her wink at the end of her post won my heart!!! Seriously!!! ^^
And of course it's not only that! What she wrote in her blog post was exactly what I was trying to bring across in my (not so zai) make up tutorial video, "i have monolids as well
and most make up gurus in Youtube have really deep eye socket and have double lids -.- , so usually i don't learn much. Damn happy that i finally learn how to even out the eyeliner ~" :D :D So I think she deserves to win as well! Not to mention she looked gorgeous!!! 
And I personally think her make up was the closest to mine!! :)
 The lashes I'll be sending you are my 2 of my favourite designs babe!! :D

I'm going to say this again, thank you girls soooo much for sending in your entries I loved every single one of them and am extremely honoured and grateful that you girls bothered to participate in this!!! :D
I'd love to choose every single one of you girls to win but unfortunately I could only pick 3 :(
BUT!!! I'll be having more giveaways soon so please don't be disheartened, you girls did awesome!!!


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