Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mixtape of my Heart

Currently listening to: I ♥ Nicole Chen™ - S E X Y | LICKING| B O D Y B A N G E R| Special MAY MIX 2011
Download it for FREE here!!! :D

I've always loved Nicole since many years back cause she's not only hot and pretty but she's superrr capable! I think girls like that are really attractive lor!!! Like got looks + brains!
She's an international model and DJ. Yep, FEMALE DJ!!!!
Super effing cool and her new mix is damn high you should listen to it and download it as well :)

I ♥ Nicole Chen™ - S E X Y | LICKING| B O D Y B A N G E R| Special MAY MIX 2011 by nicolechen

I kept replaying to her mix while I was taking my pictures lol.
No wait, actually, I was replaying it for the whole day it's the only thing on my itunes that i set on repeat right now :p

I took pictures for DirtyBling's dress which I wore to ming's pub previously (but i think it was too dark you probably couldn't see!)
Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase!

This lace insert dress is one of their exclusive designs under their EMERGENCY label! :)
It's body hugging and has an extremely flattering cut! One of the best tube dresses ever that doesn't show the fats under your arms :x
And don't worry, it reveals only what's safe!!! ^^ Won't zhao geng!

So do check out their new collection, super super kick ass! You see the designs confirm you high one! ^^


I'm not sure if any of you girls remember the short post I did for RedxRibbonz some time back, my dresses are finally here!!!
Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase :)

their preorder has a lot of items all under $20 but you have to be very patient as it's a preorder! :)

here are some of their other products that i like!



Too cheap!!! Damn shiok sia! I think it's super worth the wait! :D
I'm gonna order again!

Selling this at $15mailed
Brand new :)

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