Monday, May 16, 2011

Pixiefication #1

Remember I mentioned a surprise make up video today? ^^
I actually did make up for someone today!!!! (stressful sia lol!!!)
It was my very first attempt at Pixiefication and I'm really grateful that Melissa & her friend Jolene came down all the way from Bukit Panjang to Kovan just for this! :)

In case you didn't catch that in the video, I actually invited her over to my place cause after i posted my make up tutorial, we were talking on facebook chat randomly and then she mentioned that her friends said she looked better without make up so I wanted to try Pixiefying her! :)

Before Pixiefication

After Pixiefication

Hehehe pass or not?? :)
I hope I'll be able to pixiefy more girls in future and hopefully I'll get even better at it!!
As usual, do give me some feedbacks so I can do better next time, thank you dears!!! :)

And I'll definitely post on my twitter (!/pxdkitty) or friends' page ( the next time (VERY VERY SOON) I need a volunteer for me to Pixiefy, so please do follow me if you're willing to let me do make up on you!! :) :)

Enjoy your night sweethearts!!! ^^

Quote PXDKITTY for discounts with your purchase hehe! :)

Speaking about Pixiefication to look cute, it's important to have a pretty outfit as well!
And definitely has some really cute pieces that caught my eye!!

If you don't like baring your shoulders, you can easily match a plain dress with crop cardigans like this to spice up your outfit :)
Not only that, even for me, sometimes baring my shoulders make me look fat! :o
So it's important that you have cute outerwears just in case!!

Another sure way to look cute will definitely have to be LACE & RUFFLES!
Almost anything with lace and/or ruffles looks girlish and gives off that innocent vibe!
Here are some of the designs that have to offer ^^

I particularly like this denim lace dress from their site cause it's not the usual cheap cotton sort of material so it makes your money super worth it :)
And usually people would associate denim with a tough boyish cutting but I really like the twist in this piece! Denim + Lace!!
Looks super sweet!

Do check them out cause they have a wide range of girlish designs you can pick from
Don't let your cute make up go to waste, match it with an adorable outfit from !!! :)

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