Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Style Tip

I decided to post this because some girls actually texted me to ask me for tips on what to match this or that with so here goes! :)
I should be posting these quite often now! ^^

I think the most important tip I personally stick to is that when wearing a top or bottom with tons of designs, prints or intricate details on it, such at Polka Dots, leopard prints (I have a lot of these!!!) etc is to be sure to wear something plain (preferrably black / white) to go along with it.

This is to prevent yourself looking too... happening, in a bad sense.
It's like when you watch a movie, there's always a main plot which is most exciting, that is your detailed top.
And to complement the movie, there will be subplots but the subplots are not meant to steal the limelight from the main crux of the movie. These "subplots" will be your plain shorts, skirts etc! :)

If, on the other hand, you wear a polka dot top and a pair of striped flare pants along with it, there kinda won't be a focal point in your outfit and you'll look quite messed up from top to toe cause there's too much details going on!

And when you choose to dress that way, usually people will join stare at you... but you can be assured it's not in admiration.

I hope this helps!!!
In this case, the saying "Less is More" is actually true to a certain extent! But don't be afraid to try out different styles (try and error in the privacy of your own bedroom please, in case you screw up :x ), cause you'll never know what works for you! ^^

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I spoke about the Polka Dot top above cause it's one of my newest favourite addition to my wardrobe! It's literally a DREAM!
The material is soft, smooth and comfortable, not the cheap cotton sort plus the black pockets which made it super cute! :) :)
Can't wait to wear it out!!! I've tried it on and the cutting is perfect with high waist shorts!
But I'm damn upset that I can't post pictures of myself in it cause I was feeling a little under the weather for the past few days, which explains why I didn't get to blog as much or ustream as much :(

But no worries cause their model at RavishLoots wore it really well!!
The piece that I received looks exactly as shown! :)
Love blogshops that are truthful! It's really annoying when the pieces don't turn out as expected, I'm sure you girls know what I mean!!
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I also really like how RavishLoots bring in tons of Leopard prints stuff cause I LOOOOOVE leopard prints!!! :D Yay one more blogshop to get leopard print stuff from!!! ^^
I can't get enough of these prints and I think it's damn damn nice!
Plus it's super wearable for casual dates and not too over the top! ^^
And I have this leopard print skater dress!!! Will take pics of it soon to show you all heheh!



And if you're looking for high waist plain black shorts, this leather-denim pair looks quite the perfect fit, not too loose! I always have a problem with getting high waist shorts online cause they're always too loose, but this pair seems really promising, especially for petite girls! :D :D


RavishLoots also has Knitted tops, Rompers, Celine Inspired Clogs (as seen in pictures) etc!
It's only their 2nd collection and they have such chio designs already! Super can't wait for their next update!!!
Remember to oin their mailing list too ^^

Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase :)

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