Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hi my sweethearts!!!
2 days back I officially reopened NeedToSell ( but haven't got the time to blog about how it can help you girls!

First of all, it's a free platform for everyone to post the stuff they want to sell for FREE! :)
There will definitely be viewers on that page so you will constantly be exposed to new customers! ^^

Here's how you can get started!!

Step 1: Join This Community

Step 2: Email

Subject: Posting permission

lj nick:
Real name:
Contact number:
Account number:
Your URL:

Step 3: You will be accepted soon and can start posting things that you NEEDTOSELL

After you've gained posting permission, do take a look at HOW TO POST ( and RULES FOR POSTING ( so that your selling post won't get deleted!! :)

It's quite easy to follow so no worries there! ^^
If you do have any further questions, it'll be faster if you email me or fb chat me! :)


As NeedToSell is still quite a new community, I'll need you girls to speard the word of this community!
Not only does this help more girls with their selling of items (more customers), it'll help you girls as buyers (cause you can see a whole listing of blogshops and different designs all in one page)!

I'll be doing a free short advertorial for the best (not based on luck!!) blog post about How NeedToSell Has Benefitted Me

1. Blog about how has NeedToSell helped you in any way
2. Include our banner if you like
4. Email with your blog url
5. Winner will be announced on the 14th of May for her free advertorial for her blogshop :)


Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase!

Hehehee and i got some nice clothes to show you all!!! :D :D
This pullover is really comfy and the black part is made of SUEDE! :) so it's 2 different materials in one top which makes it unique!
I'm hoping for a rainy day so I can wear this out soon!!
I love pullovers, it makes me feel so warm and comfy like damn cuddly one.
and I always like to see people on tumblr wearing pullovers, i think it really adds points to the pictures!!!

But if you're the kind who are afraid of the heat but still want to wear long sleeved pullovers,
this brown slouchy one is a lot thinner (but not sheer)!
You can wear this even on warm days!!! :)

And for more formal events, this dress will definitely be appropriate! It's made of super awesome and smooth material with inner lining!
It's my cousin's wedding tomorrow and I should be wearing this! :D Can't wait to take pictures!
Beats wearing a black dresses all the time eheheh!!!
Can't wait ^^

And I super like RocketOnMars cause they have effing cool bags!!!
Unlike those normal tribal bags, I haven't seen this at all in other blogshops! And as stated, it's exclusive to ROM so I don't think you can get this anywhere else already ^^

And to end off, here's a random picture I took to join Miyake's competition! :p
You can help me win if you vote for me!! :)

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