Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Just checked my ibanking transactions yesterday since it was the last day of May and... FML X9999999
i spent a total of $1.5k in one month!!!!
to some people it may not be a lot but it's all my fucking savings :'(
i'm like how depressed right now.
fucking need a job!

and btw i don't buy branded or expensive things so it means i bought A LOT of cheap stuff and
many x cheap = expensive!!!!!!!! :(

and i really really NEEDED a nice (or at least decent) organizer so i remember birthdays and who i dated out for the next week, when baby is working and when he's not etc hahaha
don't judge me i'm damn forgetful

so being the poor girl that i currently am, i took a free OCBC hardcovered organizer (which is like those typical ugly sort) and wrapped it with some IKEA wrapping paper my sis bought and didn't use!
NO COST~~~~~ HENG AH! ^^
and at least i didn't wrap till it looks super cmi or what ma!

so anyway, if you have some fugly notebook or organizers you initially planned to throw away, revamp them today with a 50cents wrapping paper!!! save money save money! ^^

speaking of save money, last day of the month and baby and i are super super broke
so we went to eat at Qi Ji! cause got aircon and the food was like $3.90 and quite filling
go hawker got no air con also like $3 so yeap!
and the nasi lemak chicken wing wahhhhhhhh :D
not all expensive (this is an extremely relative term... i would say pasta mania is expensive to me so yah. WE ARE POOR PEOPLE, give us a break T.T) food tastes good anyway!!!! HMPH!

oh and i was feeling damn unwell (but still cannot resist laksa, never!!!), had very very little make up on and wore shades and some cha pa lang looking clothes and sandals lol! i look like some mismatched siao char bo seriously :(
and i was hoping and praying no one i know would see me T.T

but i saw 2 friends in the end hahaha fml!
don't you think it ALWAYS happens? when you wear until sibeh nice dress up good hair day all, NOBODY NOTICES YOU. :(
then when you're damn unglam and ugly and trying to rush home asap to hide... someone shouts your name from afar. wahhhh awkward!


Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase! :)

MunchingPandas has just launched a whole new collection called the Flight Of Colours that will definitely put you in a good mood!! ^^
All their pieces have really vibrant and cheery colours that will be sure to drive your school blues away.
Super apt for the season too!

Not only are their designs wearable and affordable, their service standards are awesome too :)
A huge part in online shopping experience depends on the seller's customer service and I never ever like to buy from rude, irresponsible and snobbish sellers.
So I'd really recommend MunchingPandas cause I know the owner and she's damn polite and efficient!! ^^

Plus their model, Shanice, is my eyecandy haha!! *shy*

Here are some of their pretty designs ^^
This looks super like a Tinkerbelle skirt! It has the super pixie feel to it!
And cause the layering is perfect, you don't really have to put too much thought into what else to match it with!
Just pair it with a simple tank top and your outfit will look befitting of even runways!

Ripped shorts with flags are quite the rage now! I've seen many blogshops with different variations so remember to keep looking for the one you like the most before you buy!!! :D
MunchingPandas have their own chio flagged shorts too!

They also have pretty rompers made of high quality material, so fret not that it will start furring or anything! :)
Worth buying!!!
After all these time, rompers are the easiest to wear lor! Just "lup" on then can go out already hahaha
don't need to wreck your brains thinking of what to pair your top or shorts with! :p

They also have some really awesome accessories, bags and clutch!
And I was particularly drawn to this cause of the jack union design :p
Can be used as a sling bag or clutch!!! Grab now! :)

Visit MunchingPandas today! ^^

Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase! :)

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