Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i thought he was cute when i was 15, but obviously my boyfriend is cuter now ^^
so i'm sharing this eyecandy with you girls now heheh :)

His name is Andy, Chen Yi or something! so if you wanna stalk him you can go look him up :)
I suddenly thought of this song cause we were at kbox and then i saw it and we kept replaying the song when we got back~~~
and baby is singing it out loud beside me now ^^

Anyway i really like the lyrics to the song!!!!!
cause twitter everyday got people emo, hate themselves, hate the world, wish they were someone else (i'm guilty of those too by the way), some times we all just need to love ourselves more

so now everyone, stretch out your right hand, stretch out your left hand
put your left hand onto your right shoulder, right hand onto your left shoulder
give yourself a big tight hug hehehe!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! :) :)

And this is for the girls who are in the mood for shoppinggg,

yay cause they just updated with some pretty new clothes!!! ^^

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