Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glassy Eyes

I think clothes may possibly be my favourite topic EVERRRRR!
I'm not talking about high end fashion trends yada yada and neither do I claim to be some fashionista or act like those atas I-am-clad-top-to-toe-in-branded-stuff-therefore-i-am-super-fucking-more-superior-and-trendier-than-you kind of people.
I like to wear cheap and affordable clothes, but I also try my best to make myself look presentable, that's all!


Anyway, if you need tops to match with a basic black high waist shorts as I've mentioned, do consider the following items from
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Stripes casual top from
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Criss-Cross back romper from
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Super sweet and comfortable basic black romper from
Love how it fits comfortably and doesn't squeeze out the fats under the arms :p

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And here're some really awesome finds from !! :)
Soooo different from what I usually wear but I effing love it!!!!
Especially the checkered one!!!! Makes me look hoboish ahaha I LOVE IT!
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I like this! It looks kinda baseball jacket-ish but it's a super chio top! :D ThPaperPlane has it in Black as well! ^^


Pentagram necklace mentioned in my video from

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And in case some of you might ask, you can get a Basic Black Bandage Skirt as I've mentioned in my video from :)
The material is non sheer and the design is damn pretty, ONLY AT $18 at LughtFlight!! ^^
btw, I've seen plain and sheer cheapo material bandage skirts sell at $24 online hahah no way man, $18 is so much more reasonable!!

And if you're looking for a basic stone washed high waist shorts with front buttons (which looks more atas than the zip kind), has them too!! :)
Mine's a little loose though so I'm gonna get it altered! :D

Here are some of the other pretty pieces I'd love to buy!! :D




They have rings and necklaces etc on their site too! :)
Also, they'll be launching their next collection soon!
Looks super promising!!! I'm hoping for more chio designs ehehe :D
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