Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hi I have a Tumblr

ooooooooogay idk how many of you actually saw my twitter or facebook about this but
LOL (*cough*slow*cough*)

and at the start I totally don't know how to reblog so i posted all MY OWN pictures on my tumblr lol
i know lah damn noob right tsk
but i GOOGLED how to reblog and now I'm gonna look for something memorable to start my road to reblogging HAHAHA

So this is how it currently looks like, full of all the pictures I've taken by myself, and of course, of myself :x LOL

So please follow me if you want to keep me motivated to post more pictures....... I hope! lol

and of course I WON'T neglect my blog and youtube, i'll post on my tumblr when i have nothing much to post and just wanna share some pictures :)

anyway my formspring like quite dead now with thousand over questions unanswered cause idk how to reply comments more effectively! T.T
i'm actually thinking of allowing anonymous comments on my blogger again so all the questions (good and bad) can get published so there will be lesser repeated questions and nobody will think that i am ignoring them on purpose or i am snobbish or anything? :(

i feel sad when people go like "reply me!!!!!" "why you always ignore me???" cause i'm not ignoring or neglecting you (especially anons on formspring, i can't even identify who you are~~) cause sometimes i am really damn busy and exhausted and am STILL doing my stuff while i am online :(
i don't tweet about what i'm doing 24/7 cause that'll make me seem like some super whiny bitch (more than what i already appear to be) so sometimes i totally avoid all online interactions

baby says i always have something to do and sometimes he feels neglected too :'(
though i can pretty safely say that what i'm doing is obviously super unproductive cause it's quite apparent that all my efforts are getting me nowhere *sigh*

nowadays i don't even reply smses cause sometimes people text or email me super long messages which i don't really know how to reply or what is it exactly that you want me to do for you etc :(
so from now on, if it's really really urgent or you really need an answer, it'd be good if you can sms me, tweet me or fb pm me a quick and short message like "hey Rachell where can I get xxx? Thank you ♥ (still must be polite ok!!)"
and I'd be able to reply you really quickly ^^

BUT if you're asking me about the make up products i use, my skincare regime, what camera i'm using, can i intro some nice chio clothes blogshops, whether or not you should break up with your cheating / abusive boyfriend................

honestly i feel quite offended sometimes.

cause i've blogged about these before (especially the clothes blogshop one, cause i've blogged about them so much that people accuse me of flooding my blog with advertorials but some people still ask me forthe links!) and it just shows clearly that you do not bother about what i have to say on my blog.. so why do you bother asking me in the first place? :(

now i really wish my blog or formspring has a Search function so people can search about the stuff they want to ask first before asking me again which will minimize cases whereby i do not reply (because i know that you can easily find my answer) and lessen the cases where girls think that i neglect them D;

in case some girls think that i am damn snobbish or hao lian or bitchy,
I AM ACTUALLY CRACKING MY BRAINS PLANNING FOR MY 21ST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION TO INVITE AS MANY OF YOU GIRLS (and it doesn't matter whether or not you've spoken to me before or bitched about me before or still hate me, i just want to invite everybody) AS POSSIBLE (but must consider if my $$$$ allow also) AND I AM GOING TO ORDER PRETTY CUPCAKES FROM AND YOU GET TO EAT IT FOR FREE EVEN IF YOU DON'T BRING ME A PRESENT!!!!!

so i really don't see how is that snobbish or neglecting or ignoring you girls lor :(

SIGHSIGHSIGHSIGH hate to be misunderstood
and if you check my organizer i DO have a lot of errands to run (AND THEY PAY ME NOTHING) so i'm not idle or ignoring my formspring or your @s on twitter okay :'(

and a damn good example of the kind of non-paying stuff i spend my days doing (and therefore not able to answer my emails, formspring or twitter stuff) will be making LOTUS LANTERNSSSSSS today with baby for his auntie's temple
they have some celebration and will need like 8 medium sized lanterns (weighing 1kg each) and one HUUUUUUGE ASS center piece lantern which i guess will weigh 3kg?

we made everything from scratch and it takes about 4 hours to make a medium sized one... T.T

damn tiring but the results were satisfying lah
so there's a lot more lanterns to make for the next few days... or weeks :(
so i might be quite busy..............




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