Friday, June 3, 2011


So with relevance to my previous post about face, complexion and all, there's something we all HATE

Pimples are fucking living evils that shamelessly reside on our faces and we just can't wait to get rid of them.
And I know how people always go like "don't poke them" "don't touch them" and all that NONSENSE.
If you have a fucking huge red ass bump (or bumps) on your face with gross yellowish pus threatening to explode at the next person you meet's face, YOU WILL BE TEMPTED TO POKE IT, duh!

And when you poke it, the pus gets out but the spot gets fucking inflammed and swells up with all the transparenty fluid or idk what it is. And it stays there for a few days.
And then we hate our faces cause concealer can't hide bumps T.T

So here's something that my siblings and I always use, I'm not sure how many people know of it.
It's the 3M Nexcare Acne Patch!!! :)
It costs about $8 usually (but now Watsons got 20% off!!), considerably expensive for me
But no matter how broke I am I will still buy a pack of it at home cause it's THAT good!
No joke at fucking all!

I know of some people who said that it doesn't work and all but I have a feeling they've been using it the WRONG WAY.
You DON'T just paste it on a pimple cause NOTHING will happen if you just paste it over an untouched pimple (if you're not the kind who poke pimples I'd suggest using Nixoderm, as stated in this post: ).

If I've not been using it the wrong way, I think it should be that you first have to SQUEEZE the pimple, get the friggin yellow pus out and wait for the transparent liquid/ blood to come out.
And then you rinse the "wound" with water, pat dry it with a clean towel, and then you paste the Acne Patch onto the affected spot(s).
The best time to do this is at night when you can rest properly for a few hours and not touch your face.
Cause it takes some time (about 2 hours?) for the yucky stuff beneath your pimple to be sucked out!

Here's how the acne patch will look like after it's absorbed all the dirty gross stuff from the wound :x
Damn gross I know, but I'm glad at least it's out of my face!!!
This will reduce the swelling (cause the swelling is due to the transparent fluid) of your pimple and the mark left behind will gradually disappear.
But in the mean time at least concealer can help! ^^
For me, pimple marks are better than having some huge BUMPS cause when the lighting and shadows cast on your face, it's damn obvious when you have bumps whereas concealer can hide flat scars.

I hope this helps cause I swear by this, it's like my last resort when my pimples get toooooo fucking out of control!

And enough of gross stuff, here are some (hopefully) less disturbing pictures hahaha
These are 2 of the designs I spoke of in this video :D

They are all from WhySoVain if you like them! ^^ I did a post for them a few days back too!
Quote PXDKITTY with your purchase :)

Have a pimple free weekend! ^^

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