Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peace amongst Chaos

Aye, super tiring day. And I meant mentally.
Then again, I have more good stuff in store for you guys in the next few week(s), so do keep checking back! Those are the only things I look forward to now, everything else hasn't been going too well.. :'(

But seriously, thank goodness for all the supportive girls on twitter and facebook, i really appreciate every single encouragement and I remember all of them okay! and i really don't know how to thank you all ehough :')
But I guess I'll leave the words of gratitude for another day cause I spent a few hours answering formspring questions today and my eyes are damn blurry now haha! I'm going to switch off my computer and have some me-time alone :)

I hope you'll like the pictures and clothes I have for you girls below! Sweetdreams dears ^^


I suppose a major headache for girls should be where to get cheap denim high waist shorts online? :)
plus the denim material is of good quality so no fret! ^^
I love them like insane now ehehe :D

And of course, who can miss their majorly cute Hello Kitty teeshirt!!!!!! :D :D :D

In this picture, I'm wearing the 4 Button High-Waist Shorts!
They have sizes for it and S fits me snuggly, naiseeeeee ~~~ :D

And here we have the 8-Button High Waist Shorts, also at $16! :)
Mine was in M size but surprisingly it fits me comfortably..... hahahaha fml i gained weight again? :O
aiya but it doesn't matter, the shorts look AWESOME! ^^
8 button shorts look more expensive than 4 button shorts and 4 button shorts look more expensive than basic 1 button shorts, period.

And this is the elastic denim high waist shorts!
Well I really have to say that it's a lot easier to put on that the button ones that's for sure hahah!!! so I kinda like it now!!! :D :D

Anyway has just updated a MAAAAAAAAJOR collection featuring my favourite models (Jayley & Hayley) so do check them out!!! :)
Cheap plus good stuff are always at FashionHooks!
(By the way, did you know that FashionHooks was also featured in Budget Barbie? ^^)

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