Monday, June 20, 2011

Taiwan (Taipei) - Part 2

(looking at these pictures, i miss Taiwan like craaaaazy!)
my official favourite country ever for a holiday will definitely be Taiwan from now on!
for me, the shopping there was better than in Hong Kong, the prices are not as low as the clothes i saw in China but i like Taiwan's fashion more
their girls had thick eyeliner and whatnot, their guys had big and AA hair, most of the sales assistants there were so friendly and polite, they spoke in mandarin (which i understood) and everything about Taiwan was so damn awesome!!! hahaha!

when i went to Japan a few years back i loved the place but their food wasn't as oily (i love oily fried food lol) and i don't understand Japanese :( which is why I'm damn in love with Taiwan now! ^^

alright so here's part 2 of Taipei!
We only went to Kaohsiung and Taipei so yep! :) Hopefully we'll be able to go to more places in future!!! ^^

we went to watch their army change shift :D
idk if it's called change shift... but you get my drift :x
anyway it was quite a sight!
plus all the tourists like us were there snapping pictures like crazy but their soldiers were sooooo focused and didn't even flinch at all!

then we went to the ma tong can ting (direct translation: toilet bowl restaurant) as the tour guide says it!

our table was a sink with a glass panel over it, we drank tea out of those urine bottles used in hospitals for patients, we sat on real toilet bowls, we ate from mini toilet bowl hotpots, we had a shower head above us with real toilet tiles as decoration etcetc
DAMN FUN hahahaha
and by now you can guess how their chocolate ice cream looks like!

and then we saw this random guy bringing 3 HUUUUUUUUUUUUGEASS dogs around!
they drew more attention than those mascots from the shops around lol :x
my sis said these dogs can easily rip our head off.. and they weren't on leash at all!!!

then on the last night we went to the legendary Shilin Night Market!
it looked a lot like our wet markets, except everything inside is food food and more food!
very unlike the other night markets we went to like Raohe and stuff but it's still super awesome!!!

very unglamly we just threw all the food we bought on the floor and squat and ate!
okay fine only i was squatting cause i was too anxious to eat i didnt bother wiping the floor before sitting down :p

unglam but sibeh happy!!! ^^

some random unglam shots from my brother's iphone before we left the hotel ^^

hello kitty shop at Taiwan's airport!!!!

hahaha it was meant to be a souvenir but i was so excited i opened it and ate it on the plane :p

can someone please tell me what this is tree or plant or decoration is suppose to be? :x
i saw this in Singapore's arrival hall just before the customs...

do wait for it!!!~

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