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Yummilicious Feast @ Icon Village

Hi sweetheartsssssss!!! ^^
I'm currently blogging from Taiwan at our hotel~~~

On Saturday, 11th June, I attended my first blogger event by at Icon Village!! :D
Initially I was super nervous cause I was afraid it'd be awkward and I'd be lost cause I might not know anyone there, but in the end I had a SUUUUUUUUPER awesome time!!!

Ohyah, in case anyone was wondering, Icon Village is located at 12 Gopeng Street, of walkable distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT! ^^
It's a new shopping centre and I think it's damn worth visiting cause the design there totally doesn't look local, definitely awesome for fun pictures or even shoots!!
And not forgetting, THE GLORIOUS FOOD~~~~

Loved the food, loved the company cause we all made friends damn easily, heng ah :p :p

So we went to a total of 8 restaurants serving entirely different cuisines and I definitely haven't experienced anything like it before, you girls should try it!!!
hahaha it was crazily awesome and everyone was damn high from all the food! ^^

As you can see from the video, we went to several restaurants so here's a full list of which shop we went and what we ate!!! :)

1. KUMO Japanese Kaiseki Restaurant #01-47/58

To start off, we (15 bloggers plus the organizers) were settled down in this private room at KUMO (super atas!!!) for sushi!

I think that the ambiance at KUMO is really suitable for formal events (or even for a guy to propose to his girlfriend *ahem*)
cause it's super classy! Love itttttt!!!
I rarely ever get to go to such classy restaurants lor I felt super honoured, really gotta thank for this!!! :')

And their chef is a real Japanese and he looks kind of like a celebrity!! ahha!!

Check out all the fresh and pretty sushi!

Here's our sushi set looking extremely appetising!!!
We had the lightly torched sea bream, pike eel, sea urchin, crystal bay prawn and octopus sushi, each with an exquisite taste of its own.

My favourite would definitely be the sea bream and the sea urchin (Uni) sushi!!!
Cause the sea bream tasted really refreshing and chewy and the Uni that they serve is definitely of super high quality!!!
Unis have to be really fresh in order to taste good and the one at KUMO was the best Uni sushi I had, ever!!!
If you ever go to KUMO, please order the Uni sushi in your set cause it's definitely not to be missed!

I'm salivating just looking at these pictures already haha!!

hahaha on a side note, check out Yong Wei, lol!
Him showing off his dollar bill tissues!!!
the first friend I made during the event was Cheryl (cause we were both late) and Yong Wei is her friend (:

2. SALTA Argentine Parrilla + Grocer #01-46/56/57

Next, every one was heated with excitement for the grilled dish from SALTA Parrilla!

Check out the impressive 5-metre long charcoal fired grill as a center-piece in the restaurant!
I was damn amused by it lor hahah

omgzzzzzzzz meat! :)

then while waiting for our food to be ready we started camwhoring ^^

Eric, Cheryl and me!
see how vain we are woohoo! and we're not shy about it lol

And here comes the celebrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The meat! :p
look at all the paparazzi bloggers fighting to snap a good shot of the dish!

And here's the long awaited mixed grilled beef sirloin, beef skirt, chicken thigh black hog, pork loin, pork sausage and lamb rack!!!!

And even if you didn't dip the meat with the 3 special sauces they provided, each of it had its own strong fragrance which makes it damn yummy!
My favourite has got to be the lamb rack! In most cases beef always tastes better than lamb but at salta parrilla the lamb is SOOOOOO GOOD it overpowers the beef! ^^

I've always been a meat person so I couldn't be happier with this dish!
it's like EpicMealTime gourmet version came to life!!!!!

And it seemed like I wasn't the only one who was really happy ^^

3. Pizzeria L'Operetta #01-78 to 81

After we were done, we headed down to Pizzeria L'Operetta!
I think the decorations of the shop scored the most points on my list that day and I'm so going back there with my boyfriend in future to spam more pictures heheh!

And they had this amazing oven imported specially from Italy which heats up to 500 degrees celcius!!!!!!
And though I sped up the video, in real life it only takes 60 to 75 SECONDS for the pizza to get cooked, TOTALLY FRESH!!!!!!!
Impressive or what! ^^

And the boss was really friendly and told us that their pizza base takes 24hours to ferment before they can be cooked and served, which makes their pizza super crispy on the outside but CHEWY on the inside!!! :DDDDDD wah!!!!!
Even if you eat like half the entire pizza I don't think you'll get sick of it honestly!

What we ate was the Bismark Pizza!
Might look simple with no fanciful named ingredients, but it tastes damnnnnn good!!!!

Check out the pizza base!!! :)
The instant premade sort from other restaurants can NEVER reach this sort of standards!!

4. Ramen Culture #01-82/83

Afterwhich we went to Ramen Culture for their Hot-Stone Tsuke Men and Ox-Tail Ramen!!! :)
See all the pretty bloggers!!!!

And of course, Cheryl's princessy hello kitty bag! I swear every single thing about her is super pretty omg!!!

This is their Hot-Stone Tsuke Men which is quite spicy to some of the girls but I liked it cause I always take chilli!
And the soup base is made of seafood which made it really flavourful!

And the ox tail ramen, which was damn refreshing cause it was more mild!
Kind of like a comfort food after all the exciting flavours on our taste buds ^^

and Yong Wei made paper roses for the girls!!!

5. Muffets Room #01-16

Then we went to Muffets Room for Fish & Chips & Pasta!
Super cosy shop but I heard that they have plans for expansion soon ^^

We had both the cream base and tomato base pasta but I'm always the cream sort so no tomato base for me :p

And omg you HAVE TO try this once!
I swear this is the best fish and chips in Singapore!!!!!
The batter isn't oily nor is it too salty, and the Cream Dory fish they used is thick so you can savour it for a longer time and it also melts in your mouth!
Absolute love!!!!!!!!

6. Whips Cupcakes #01-85

And finally it was time for desserts!!!
We had Red Velvet Cupcakes from Whips Cupcakes! :D

Actually I have no idea how red velvet cupcakes are suppose to taste like but the ones from Whips are perfectly complemented by the cream cheese frostings!!!!
And damn cute too!!!!!

Cause we had the mini versions (which sell at $1 each) so the moment we saw them we were like "Awwwww~"!!! ^^
And the best model for the mini cupcakes would definitely be Kiyomi haha!!!
Cause she's soooo tiny, I think she said she's 1.56m, and the mini cupcakes look like regular sized ones when she held them :p ehehe!

Ohyah, at this point I noticed Eric's Louboutins, holyshitttttttttttttt
800bux leh!!!
that's like stepping on $400 per foot!!
but his shoes are quite to die for lor! damn sexxxxxxxx with all the studs!!!

:D :D :D
okay i'm going to grow fat from eating the same thing everyday, i won't mind if that thing is cupcakes! ^^

7. Pâtisserie Glacé #01-33/34

Then we went on to try the Rin Rin Ice Cheese Tarts and strawberry shortcakes!!!

And though their desserts look suuuuuper pretty, they are not overly sweet so I bet even the boys will like them! ^^

My favourite - strawberry shortcake!!!!
Melts in your mouth like a sugary fluff!!!! :D

8. Frost Bites #01-29

And how can we forget froyo!!!! :D
We had frozen yogurt with damn colourful toppings from Frost Bites to end off our Yummilicious Feast!!!
You know how it sucks when you cannot decide which flavour of yogurt to get? I got the MIXED one so I can have the best of both worlds lol!!

Didn't get to take much pictures of myself cause we were all damn busy taking pictures of the food, but I think the other bloggers have some so if i see them ima kope :p hahah hope they won't scold me ^^

I've been receiving some questions on formspring regarding where to find nice food, so hopefully this post will give you girls some inspirations!!! :)

And by the way, Icon Village, Far East Square and Riverside Point (part of the "Let the feast begin!" bonanza brought to you by are all running a series of F&B promotions from now till 31 July so if you'd like to go to one of these places (especially the Icon Village which I mentioned above) for a good feast to pamper yourselves and your loved ones,
you can visit for more details on their promotions!!! :D HEHEHE YAY!
Don't miss it!! ^^


This blogpost will be entered into a voting round whereby the top voted blogger wins $500 F&B vouchers from Icon Village!!!
And voters will stand a chance to win 5 x $50 F&B Vouchers too! ^^
So please vote for me dears!!! :D hehehe!



Alright I'm going to bed now!!!~~~
Hope I'll dream of some yummy food :p
Gdnight sweethearts!!!!

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