Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All Hail

Check out what @liangzhuuu sent me the other day! ^^

she told me she saw SBA2011 on mypaper and there was my face in it hahah!
and she's suuuuuuper sweet and is going to send me the paper cause i didn't get a copy of it the other day! :)

i didn't get to win anything (even my outfit didn't win) but at least my Cleopatra outfit got me on the papers, lol!

If you haven't seen my Cleopatra outfit, do read it here: http://pxdkitty.blogspot.com/2011/07/sba2011.html

it was a total DIY!!!
but of course i couldn't have done it without the awesome accessories i had to go along with it :)
one of the accessories which looked the most Egyptianish and made my outfit successful was definitely this bracelet from Chic-Obsession!

if you've been following my blog for some time already, Chic-Obsession should be a very familiar blogshop by now! :)
Cause the owner NEVER FAILS to bring in the most fashionable brand-inspired pieces which are of extremely luxurious qualities!
The rings especially are always of such weight, it's damn obvious the manufacturer give you every cent worth! ^^
unlike some sprees which may be cheaper, but the metal rings will definitely feel a lot lighter and break more easily.
NONE of my accessories from Chic-Obsession has ever broken before cause it's of some crazily good material!!! :D :D

And I am totally not joking when I say that the designs at Chic-Obsession are damn fashionable! It's practically the exact pieces you'd see on famous fashion blogs, the kind any fashionista (male, female, young and old) will not be seen without!!! ^^

And so far I'm most impressed by her latest collection, Be Wondrous!
Scroll down and you'll know why! ^^

The legendary Alexander McQueen Pouch ~~~~ (remember i have this too? heheh)

The Snake Bite ring seen on too-many-to-count famous bloggers!!!
Extremely extremely worth buying!
One ring fills up 3 fingers!!! Then you don't need to buy so many rings also :p

My so-called Egyptian bracelet ^^
The gold chains will go well with brown, black, white or even nude apparels! :) :)
I'll be wearing this a lot more often! Fell in love with it since i got it~~~

Some other gorgeous designs from Chic-Obsession worth drooling for :)

Their designs get sold out quite quickly (cause they're INSTOCKS!!!) so if you want to grab some, do hurry!!! ^^
They've been around for quite some time, definitely efficient and trustworthy :)



For Quality and Pocket-Saving-Prices, visit KandECollections.com!
Join them on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/KECollections
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Anonymous said...

Did you close down your formspring? :(

kitty said...

yes i did dear :(