Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Art of Vanity

So I posted this on my twitter the other day :)

Rachell Pxdkitty

And thanks to all the lovely, adorable and super kind girls, they've replied with quite a few applications for editting pictures on iphone! :)

I think these are all that the ones they've recommended (I hope I didn't miss out on any):

FREE Apps:
shibuya cam
Fotolr PS
leme leme

PAID Apps:
princess camera $2.99
iDarkRoom $0.99
cameratan $0.99

So being a cheapskate and a noob at iPhone, obviously I downloaded all the free ones only hahaha
but the paid ones seem quite promising, but i guess i could live without them~~~ :x


So here's the ORIGINAL not editted picture I tested the different applications with

With the Shibuya Cam
reminds me of those neoprints machine haha!
i'm not quite liking this app except for the sparkly stars thingy that you can add onto the pictures as seen on my hair, lol
so maybe you could edit pictures using more than one app so you can make use of all the good stuff from different apps! :D

This is with effects from Instagram
I always see people on twitter posting pictures with the chio borders and wondered how they did it.........
HAHAHA i feel damn cheated now :(
with instagram it's super easy! ^^
i'd recommend this app if you don't mind that it crops your pictures into squares! ^^

The below is using the application called Snapeee
again it's like those neoprint machine kind but not my favourite app~~

This SilkySkin application is suppose to make your skin look flawless and stuff
but i think my original photo's like kinda blurry so it's not much of a difference? :/
So....I wouldn't recommend this since most iphone pictures are of the same quality, right? haha :p

The following pictures were editted using MagicHour which I THINK is called "leme leme" if you're searching for it in the app store! :)
it's super easy to use and the effects are quite pretty that's why i made 3 pictures from the different effects!
except that you have to pay for the full version else you'll forever have the "magic hour for me" logo there lol
imagine your boyfriend proposes to you at the bottom right corner of the picture and gets blocked by the logo.... hahaha then really is F YOUR LIFE :X

anyway i really like this effect called EMO
cause it looks like some psycho bitch who really hates me decided to print my picture out and then crush it up, and then can't bear to throw it away so she un-crushed it
lol! this effect shows the epitome of an obsessive hater! :p

ohhh and i really like this effect from Fotolr PS! looks quite professional i think!
and I'd recommend it for people who wish to liquify their face :)
in the app it's called Face Lift. I editted the left side of my cheek, can you tell? hahah
but i won't really use the Facelift it's quite hard to control and i tried to not make it look alienish already :s
cause if i cannot control Photoshop on my laptop... i totally can't control it on iPhone haha!
but the face lift aside, i think the effects in this app is quite chio! :D

Last but DEFINITELY not the least, it's 美图秀秀!
Actually it's like MY FAVOURITE out of the lot!!!! :)
Cause other apps with this bokeh effect like need to pay $$$ one leh
but this is free! and i'd say the effects look quite professional too! :)

the only flaw is that the words are in mandarin (i'm not sure if you can change it to english) so if you suck at your own mother tongue then FYL!!!
(and btw i think that there is absolutely nothing glorious about not being able to speak in Mandarin if you're born a Chinese, seriously)
but if you really like the app, get someone who actually bothered to pay attention in at least mandarin classes in primary school to help you with it hahah!

alright i hope this helped!!! :)
hope you'll all upload pretty pictures and share them on facebook and twitter! ^^
free apps are the best hehehe!!!

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