Wednesday, July 13, 2011


HIHIHI i am super excited today to share this blogshop (again) with you guys!!! :)

(Sorry having damn jialat cramps today so it'll be a short post T.T)

DIYGalore previously sold all the extremely cheap and chio envelope clutches and turban headbands if you remember~~~

Not only are their stuff cheap, the designs that they carry are exactly the stuff i'd wear!!!!!
Like I'd totally want to dump the clothes in my wardrobe just for all the new clothes on DIYGalore!!! ^^

Plus, they offer both retail and wholesale (15% off total bill) so whether you're an avid fan of online shopping as a customer, or if you're planning to start up a new blogshop, you can also purchase from DIYGalore :D :D

Spree ending on 17th July!!! HURRY NOW OR YOU'LL REGRET! ^^
price range is about $15 to $20 (for BASEBALL JACKET!!!)

Check out all these awesome clothes now~~~ ^^

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