Thursday, July 14, 2011


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As promised, I'm going to show you how I made my own feather earring as seen in these 3 pictures ^^

(Shocking pink + Shatter nail polish from

Here's what you'll need:

1. Any (old and unwanted) accessory with a feather attached to it. Could be a feather headband, a spoilt dreamcatcher necklace, a feather keychain or handphone strap etc

2. Regular Pliers
3. A pair of Scissors

4. The little circle ring thingy that connects chains and stuff together (idk what it's called)
5. Earring hook (bought from Arab street / any DIY jewellery craft store / from your old and unwanted earring)

Step 1:
Using the sharp (usually the back) part of the pliers, cut along the pink dotted line I've drawn.
This is to separate your feather from your unwanted accessory.

Most pliers have 2 parts, 1 for flattening stuff (front) and 1 for cutting stuff (back).
So here you'll use the back part to cut the unwanted metal first.

You should get your feather with the original circle thing still attached to it.

Step 2:
Take the little circle ring thingy that connects chains and stuff together and use a pair of scissors to open it up.

Step 3:
Put the earring hook and the feather through the little circle ring thingy.

Step 4:
Using the flattening (front) part of the pliers to clamp the little circle ring thingy to shut the opening.

And tadah!!! :)
The prettiness of your earring will actually depend on the type of feather you're using!
You can even use those hot pink, purple, green, striped (like mine) feathers to make your earrings prettier :)

Like I said in the previous post, it's nothing impressive, but it allows a lot of room for creativity!
Adding random chains to it, pasting two or three swarovski crystals on them if you like blingbling stuff... basically anything you can find in your room or from your old unwanted necklaces/ bracelets/ earrings!!! :D
It'll be a totally customised earring YOU made for YOURSELF! (and it's damn easy to make too)
Then you can wear it with pride cause no one else will have the exact same one as you! :) :)

Have fun with your new feather earrings love!!! ^^


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Charlotte said...

Love Love You So Much! Thanks for your tutorial! <3

twinkles said...

hehe i should win the vouchers because i love your cute and small ears :P