Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fool Fighters

Went cycling with baby today at ECP!!! :D

We got like the double bike and i was totally freeloading at the back lor hahaha

cause like damn hard to control what :x

i felt like i was pedaling cause i was following his feet movement but in the end i wasn't using any strength at all, lol!!!

but never mind, good exercise baby ^^

we cycled to bedok jetty to blow wind and watch people fish lol

but like nobody caught anything leh!!! boring :p

it wasn't THAT hot, plus there was quite a nice breeze ^^


else we both confirm complain like siao one

(look out for the same design Chanel Inspired teeshirt in Grey in my next giveaway ^^)

and then when we're done we went to McCafe to laze around for the aircon :p

oh and we also ate STING RAY but i didn't get a picture of it eheheh


max i scored was only 1616 :(

this drink damn shiok!!!

white chocolate something but i can't remember the name heheh

then baby and i went to Plaza Sing and had dinner with my family at Itacho Sushi again!

and if you've been following my twitter, my previous laptop crashed :'(

friggin hate technology sometimes..

and finally got myself an iMac cause it's quite significantly cheaper than a MacBook , and i'm damn cheapskate ah!

plus i'm not the kind to bring my laptop or whatever around so i guess it'll be alright for me :)

i got it for about 1.6k? cheaper than laptops right???

plus the memory and speed all that's comparable (or supposedly better) than that of a macbook or something according to my brother

i'm quite hopeless at technology stuff but so far it's alright


And then once I set everything up (finally.... I really hate all the registering stuff T.T) i started camwhoring with my new comfy knitted cardigan from FabricDevour, which is this totally awesome blogshop with some crazily chio clothes!!!!!!




They also have many other gorgeous designs as seen below!!!

And I LOVE how they offer Smart Pac for FREE for purchase of 4 items and above!!!

Meaning you'll receive your items very promptly and extremely safely :) :)

Their website is also very customer-friendly and you can easily view all the designs at one glance!

I have this pet peeve about hating messy blogshops.

But with FabricDevour, you'll never have that problem!!! :)

Here are some new designs from their latest collection!!! Damn impressive please ^^

There are a lot of blogshops around but it's quite rare to see one with such standards! Definitely bookmarking this page :)

Do also check out their page for their contest in which you can win up to $120 worth of prizes!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Hello! May i know where did you buy your shoes from this picture? http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/251591_177617735639273_154201471314233_461261_6067638_n.jpg

Thank you!! :)

kitty said...

i got it from mollyspace.livejournal.com dear! :D blogged about it several times before ^^

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks for taking your time to reply me!